How to backup iPhone 8

how to backup iphone 8

How to backup iPhone 8

We carry a lot of personal data, apps and multimedia content on our smartphones and it is highly recommended to have a backup of them if you do not want to lose it in the event of any unforeseen event, fall or breakage of the mobile.

The iPhone 8 is a very powerful smartphone and there are different methods to keep that data safe. You can use iCloud to have a copy in the cloud and also in a traditional way with iTunes, let’s see how.

How to backup iPhone 8?

how to backup iphone 8

There are basically two methods. The first one is through iCloud, but we have limited space for free for these backups.
Backup using iCloud:
Connect iPhone 8 over Wi-Fi
Open Settings
Swipe to iCloud option
Set up your iCloud account
Press Back Up Now
To check that it has been done correctly you can always go to Settings -> iCloud -> Storage -> Manage space and you should see the Backup just made. This backup method is incremental and automatic, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Backup using iTunes:

Open iTunes on your computer
Connect your iPhone via USB
From the iTunes interface, click on your iPhone.
Click the Backup Now button.

To see that the copy has been made correctly, you can see it from iTunes Preferences -> Devices if you use a Mac or from Edit -> Devices if you have a Windows computer.
restore an iOS backup to a previous version of iOS

iPhone Backup: What to Know

Before going on to list and explain the different ways available to carry out this procedure, let’s explain what it consists of, why it is important to do so and in which cases it is absolutely necessary. A backup is a simple operation that allows you to copy and save the information on a device, in this case, the phone, the smartphone.

Once a backup is complete, you have an exact copy of everything your phone contains at that particular moment. It is good to do one periodically so as not to risk losing anything, but when is it absolutely necessary?

In case of next device replacement to comfortably transfer any data, finding everything in the new one, within a few minutes.

Before going to the service centre, to evaluate and repair any damage, you are explicitly requested to make a backup.
If you want to clean up, reset your phone to bring it back to factory conditions, an iPhone backup is a fast and free way to keep your data.

There are also a number of unpleasant probabilities such as theft, loss and damage of the phone. For all these reasons, technicians literally advise to make a periodic and regular backup of the iPhone. What is needed? How long does it take? Where does the copy go?