Control your dreams with Sense


Control your dreams with Sense

If you are one of those many who have a difficult time sleeping, either because you wake up a lot throughout the night or because you simply can not do it, we introduce Sense, a gadget that will examine your sleep habits.

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Many of us either sporadically or even daily, suffer from sleep-related problems. This, ultimately, may affect our lives provoking moody or even impair our ability to work with what the dream must give due prominence.

The Sense gadget certainly gives it, as this green orb that lights examine your sleep habits, how often you wake up or if there are noises that can make your sleep is interrupted. Also even measured levels of dust or pollen in the room where you sleep.

Sweet dreams with Sense

Using a device that will place on your pillow at night and the official implementation of Sense you have to be installed on your smartphone, the data collected will be at your fingertips via Bluetooth. So will see, every night, how much you sleep and see your sleep cycles. This way you can set the alarm to wake you up when one of these sleep cycles is completed. Clearly Sense will not solve your insomnia, but it will give employers the exact number of hours you sleep and later, if you need, go to a sleep specialist. For only $ 129 you can purchase this very interesting device and not worry more about your dream. It is available also for both Android and iOS. You have no excuse!