Best Gadgets To Have Around When Hiring A Lorry

Best Gadgets To Have Around When Hiring A Lorry

The life of a van driver, or delivery driver, can be a long and lonely life. Hours spent in the cab of a truck with no company except for the radio or stereo. Speaking on the phone without using a hands-free kit is out, and so too is going for a lunch-time drink. Fortunately, there are a number of gadgets that might not bring greater company, but should at least make the life of a driver a little more comfortable. These gadgets can prove especially useful to the driver that is hiring a lorry that isn’t their usual rig, because they are portable and can be changed from one vehicle to the next. 

1 – Snooper Sat Nav

The Snooper Sat Nav system isn’t for the everyday driver, but then it doesn’t offer everyday features. As well as operating as an efficient satellite navigation system, the Snooper can also warn of potential hazards such as low bridges or narrow roads. Both of these can turn a standard journey into a nightmare, especially in a big truck, and while your phone may offer Google Maps, you won’t enjoy the same level of detail and hazard avoidance.

2 – Car Camera

Dash cams, in-car cameras, or car cameras – call them what you like, but they are designed for security and safety, and they can prove especially useful if you have to call the police or make a claim from your insurance company. There are covert cameras that can be discretely hidden away, but if you’re looking to deter would-be thieves, then be proud and display your camera and even a warning.

3 – Omnivore Torch

A truck rental service should take good care of their vehicles, but punctures and other mechanical problems can still occur. Unfortunately, they seem to occur most often when it’s pitch black and you have no way of finding your way around properly. What’s more, if you do have a torch with you, and it runs out of batteries, it means finding the right size. The Omnivore torch will sit in the glove box, travel with you from one rental truck to another, and it will take any of a large selection of standard battery sizes.

4 – Van Vault

If you carry anything in the truck of value, or that you simply couldn’t live without even for a short period of time, then the van vault with anti-tamper alarm and a sheet steel body can protect items from all but the most determined and prepared would-be thieves. Whether it’s your driving licence or something with a high cash value, protecting it is important, and the van vault can be transferred from one truck to another making it a convenient and flexible choice.

5 – Cool Box

It may not increase security, provide an alternative route to the road with a low bridge, or record thieves trying to break into your rental truck, but a thermoelectric cool box can be attached to the passenger seat of the truck and will keep your butties and can of pop cold until lunchtime, which is just as essential on a long day.

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