Become Selfie – Selfies with Mirror


Become Selfie – Selfies with Mirror

The company has developed Selfie iStrategyLabs Mirror, which apparently is a normal mirror but if you’re a few seconds in front of him and smile, can make a selfie captarte and then upload it to social networking.

GadgetThe fashion for selfies

For several months the selfies have become so fashionable that even scares; even many people prefer selfies drawn somewhere to ask the other person off, so sharpen the photo and it will flow the landscape. And the experience has turned her out on something very important in this kind of photos. While there have been numerous gadgets for this purpose, and it is not rare to see him in different cities.

Selfie Mirror is one of those gadgets that have joined the fashion from the selfies order to make life easier. Mirrors are one of the favorite places for this kind of pictures, but take a picture with the mobile can be uncomfortable, so Selfie Mirror you will snap automatically whenever you put in front of him and make a simple gesture like smiling . Thus activate the mirror taking pictures.

Post on Twitter

One goal is to take off these selfies certainly upload to the social networks that you Selfie Mirror also facilitate this work. When you have the picture that you like this upload it to Twitter so you never have to worry about it. You just concern yourself for posing. In addition it should be noted that the mirror also has LED lights that warn you moments before they take the picture and so also can make the pictures even in low light.