AirType, bracelets made from keyboard


AirType, bracelets made from keyboard

In recent years there have been in the world of gadgets numerous special keyboards with amazing features like its flexibility or water resistant, but with AirType bracelets can write without keyboard and seem a novelty that could replace them.

GadgetDiscover AirType

Although we have all come to us typing keyboard, it was obvious that, as technologies advance rapidly, also would change the way you write on our computers, leaving these keyboards. Thus has emerged AirType a gadget shaped wristbands that will place in our hands and with which we can write comfortably in our computer.

Thus we do not need to reserve any space occupied by the keyboard, we just put the bracelets on the palms of our hands and start typing, so that we can do almost anywhere, it will be very convenient for trips outside of home conference transportation where no need to load and deploy heavy keyboards, occupying enough room.

More features

Besides convenience at a practical level posed AirType incorporates facilities so that we find it easier to write and can do it faster. We will have the prediction and correction words, so that at first, when we’re used to this way of writing, we will help. Did you conquered therefore quick and convenient way of writing that AirType offer? At the moment you must wait, because we know neither the availability nor the price to market, but hope to see you very soon and meet people with wristbands writing in the air. In that case do not panic, simply be using AirType.