A smart anti-theft device for cars


A smart anti-theft device for cars

Two young Malaga have launched CarCentinel; it is a device with a motion sensor can detect any type of activity that occurs on your car, such as noise, motion and any type of intrusion to so notify the landlord.

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These two young Malaga, to carry out his project of device theft , have been based on the idea that even though we are talking about high-end cars, whose owners have good economic level, these are just as easy to steal and every day in our country more cars are stolen. Based on this approach have wanted to carry out a powerful and reliable anti-theft system in our car, with which to be aware whenever the slightest unwanted movement it occurs.

So with CarCentinel GPS system and you can connect to the Internet through a smartphone, as many gadgets work today. Thus CarCentinel install hidden in our vehicle, so no one will notice that we have such a powerful anti-theft system. Then we have to connect the gadget by applying our smartphone. Thus whenever something suspicious happens the car via our smartphone warn us so we can get closer and see what happens soon.

More features

CarCentinel But not only does this, and is also able to tell how much gas you have consumed, how many miles each trip lasted. It also has a certain alarms that warn us if the car has come a certain ratio and see well where you are. Therefore, aspires to be more than an antitheft device. If we interedados in it, we can acquire only through their website.