A Brief Note on the Significance of Sales Executive Jobs

A Brief Note on the Significance of Sales Executive Jobs

Sales executives promote services and products to customers and involve in negotiations with contacts in an effort to maximize the sales profits. Sales executives are the key source of contact between clients and organizations, answering queries, introducing new products and offering advice. The major work responsibility of sales executives include organizing sales visits, presenting/demonstrating products, establishing new business, maintaining precise records, attending conferences, trade exhibitions and meetings, negotiating contracts and reviewing sales performance.

Entry requirements of sales executives:

Though this area of work is open for all graduates, the below mentioned subjects may increase your chances,

  • Management, marketing or business
  • Media studies (for media sales and advertising)
  • Asian languages or modern European languages (for companies that function in overseas markets)
  • Engineering, computing or technology (for incorporating technical sales)

Big employers who run graduate training schemes normally look for the ration 2:1 or even above and also the level of involvement with college activities or relevant work experience. Growingly, academic qualifications are not much important than attitude, personality and abilities, particularly strong communication skills and commercial awareness. A number of large companies admit candidates for sale positions as a part of the graduate training portfolio. Training is sometimes associated with marketing as companies seek graduates who work towards to eventually become as a commercial leader. Candidates who are applying for job as sales executives must produce the following evidence,

  • The desire and ability to sell
  • Brilliant communication skills
  • A confident, positive and a determined approach
  • The ability and resilience to cope up in case of rejection if any
  • A high level of ambition and self-motivation
  • The skills to work independently and also as a team
  • The potential to prosper in a competitive environment
  • A great level of numeracy.

Fluency in foreign language is highly useful. For majority of the sales position, a complete driving license is significant. It is helpful to be able to indicate some work experience during a customer-facing environment, like hospitality or retail.

The actual work functions of sales executives:

Whatever is the product, it is the job of sales executive to sell as much of the company’s products as possible and also maintaining and developing a sound relationship with the clients. The pressure of work will be on to meet the targets. Being a sales executive, you will be wanting to,

  • Visit the potential customers to make new business
  • To offer customers with quotations
  • Discuss the terms of agreement as well as close sales
  • Collect market as well as customer information and offer feedback on the trends of buying
  • Representing the organization at events, trade exhibitions and demonstrations
  • Identifying business opportunities and new markets
  • Sending copies and record sales to sales office
  • Reviewing the own sales experience.

Nitty-gritty of sales executive job:

Sales executive jobs in Mumbai position is not a kind of office job and you need to be prepared to work for long hours, particularly while you have set targets to be completed. Most sales executives used to spend time on the road of traveling abroad. You can also go a long way from being a sales executive initially. You can look forward to become a sales manager, a regional sales manager and eventually a sales director. The pressure of reaching the target and long hours are well rewarded in this position. Starting salaries differ, but would be in the range from £17k- 35k. If you have a bit experience, you can even earn up to £43k and for those in the senior level will be earning around an addition of £50k – £100k. Salaries are normally based on success that could be meeting the sales targets.

The good features of sales executive job:

Sales executives will be getting opportunity to come across people and it will be the driving force for their business. Though, there will be usual pressures, the end results will bear the best sales executives on bonus schemes and good salaries. At last, some of key skills required for being a sales executive include maturity, perseverance, confidence, commercial awareness, excellent interpersonal skills, numerical skills, IT skills, etc.