Your Unique Gadget Stamp in Gaming

Your Unique Gadget Stamp in Gaming

The gaming peripheral market has been on a tear over the past decade or so with a huge number of products covering a wide and growing market, although some products certainly fall under the gimmicky side of things, there’s no denying that the wider availability certainly has a lot of uniqueness and a lot of variety to what’s on offer. Many gadgets in gaming and esports have become a mark of individuality too – livestreaming and the rise of esports betting like at have brought more eyes to the sport and to the players, with the gadgets often providing their stamp on the physical side of the virtual games – so what should you know about these unique gadgets in esports?

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Mice in all shapes, sizes, and colours – A vital part of PC gaming comes from the mouse and keyboard – and the mouse has gone through a huge number of changes to get to the point they’re at today. Newer models in recent years have had the same focus – RGB lighting being a key component with some being very loud in the approach and others being more subtle, and lately the approach to drop weight with honeycombing on the shell. If you’re looking to make a statement, the mouse could be a great place to start.

Keyboards with new looks, and new sound – Much like the mouse, the keyboard is a vital part in gaming too, and where older keyboards may have only had the aesthetic as a concern, sound has actually become a key component too. Mechanical keyboards in all shapes and sizes now fill the market, and with different switches to make different sounds and to offer different feels have become a huge part of this trend, so much so that even niche markets like ASMR have their own keyboard typing genres through the different sounds of switches. Different configurations show different personality and uniqueness and putting a custom stamp on your keyboard provides another gadget for uniqueness in esports.

Mousemats move to gadgets too – Whilst many gamers still rely on cloth mousepads as their primary use, the fans of hard mousemats are starting to get their own gadget stamp too as manufacturers look to further customize choices – of course the bulk of this still comes through as RGB lighting being the primary difference maker, but newer USB mousemats offer things like wireless charging for mice or phones, offer additional USB ports, and other niche features. It may seem like a strange step forward to some, but do offer unique and fun change to the gaming gadget market.