Xiaomi gadgets to create a cheap smart home

Xiaomi gadgets

Xiaomi gadgets to create a cheap smart home

Today more and more users are betting on a smart home. The idea of ​​having a demonized house, that you can comfortably control through your mobile phone or through voice commands, is a detail that anyone would love. The best? That thanks to Xiaomi you can find all kinds of Xiaomi gadgets at a very attractive price.

While it is true that a few years ago having a smart home was within reach of the bulkiest pockets, things are changing. Yes, now you can buy solutions at a very good price to have a demonized house. And this is where Xiaomi and its incredible range of smart products come in.

Yes, you can have a demonized house at a good price thanks to Xiaomi gadgets

And is that the Asian firm has managed to find a new market where it is sweeping at the cost of presenting solutions at really attractive prices. Yes, in its already vast catalog of products, we can find all kinds of smart gadgets, from smart lamps to smart light bulbs.

The best of all? That many of these products can be obtained in Spain at a very attractive price, a detail to take into account when setting up a smart home. In addition, the majority of solutions that you will find on the market offer a value for money that is simply impossible to beat.

These are the best smart products

And, as we have said, the catalog is so vast that you will be able to find solutions of all kinds to create a smart home at a very moderate price. In addition, the Xiaomi application to control all these devices is quite easy to use, thanks to its intuitive interface, a value to consider.

Not to mention the fact that the solutions of the firm based in Beijing have a plug and play system, so in a few minutes, you will be using these Xiaomi gadgets without any problem.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor SetXiaomi gadgets

We started this compilation with the best products from the Asian firm to dramatize your home at the best price talking about a kit that you should not miss. We are talking about the Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor Set, a combination that integrates a set of solutions with which to get the most out of it.

For starters, it has motion sensors for doors and windows, so you can know if any intruder enters your home. Add the smart center, which will allow you to control all the compatible products of the firm, and you have around the product. More, seeing the low price of this complete pack.

Smart bulbsXiaomi gadgets

Second, we have the Yeelight Smart LED, a smart bulb that will allow you to turn any conventional lamp into a connected one. Yes, through the compatible application, you can change the tone, turn the light on or off … Come on, the range of possibilities is really interesting, and at a price that is scandalous.

Xiaomi HD Dome CameraXiaomi gadgets

In a smart home worth its salt, you can’t miss a security camera. And yes, Xiaomi has a really broad catalog of products of this type. We wanted to select this model simply because it has a very interesting price-quality ratio, in addition to having a 12 percent discount.

Your weapons? A lens capable of recording videos in 1080p quality, as well as night vision mode so you can control your home at night, as well as a motion detector that sends you to push notifications when it detects any presence.

Xiaomi Smart Ceiling Light WhiteXiaomi gadgets

Another element that cannot be missing in any smart home is a connected lamp. A product that you can control through your mobile phone, or through voice commands. And this particular model from the Asian manufacturer is not going to disappoint you at all. For starters, it is compatible with Alexa, so you can use a smart speaker to control this device.

Add its light power, capable of illuminating a room of up to 30 square meters thanks to its power of between 2700k to 6500k. Seeing the comments on Amazon, where they put this product through the roof, it is clear that your purchase is certain insurance.

Xiaomi MUE4093GLXiaomi gadgets

You still prefer a model to have in your room, and that serves as a night lamp. Well, you should know that this model from the Asian manufacturer is an excellent option to consider. We are talking about a table lamp that offers a chromatic range of 16 million colors, in addition to allowing you to adjust the brightness and color so that you enjoy the tone that interests you most. Do you go to sleep? Well, enjoy a minimum of light to go to bed quietly. Do you want a more powerful light? Well, you can regulate the tonality through your phone.

Xiaomi Smart Alarm ClockXiaomi gadgets

Are you looking for a complement to your table lamp? Well, nothing like this Xiaomi Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock, a product that you can control from your mobile phone, being able to add up to 30 different alarms. What more can you ask!

Xiaomi GMR4015GL

Undoubtedly, one of the most important elements for any home automation is smart plugs. We are talking about a device with the capacity to convert any conventional device into a connected one. In this way, you can turn your favorite lamp on or off remotely, activate the coffee maker … Come on, everything you can think of. And the low price of this Xiaomi gadget is a great value to consider. It even has its own timer!

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner

Continuing with this compilation of the best smart products that you can use to enjoy a smart home, nothing like this robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi. And, the Asian manufacturer has a wide catalog of vacuum robots that you can control remotely to have the floor of your house like the jets of gold.

And this product can be programmed to clean while you’re away from home. Seeing its low price and the excellent reviews it has on Amazon, it is undoubtedly one of the best purchases you can make.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H

To complement the robot vacuum cleaner from the Chinese firm that we have recommended, nothing like this air purifier from the Asian giant. Yes, the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H is another of those really complete products, which stands out for being able to control from the mobile phone so that you activate it according to your needs. Yes, turn it on half an hour before you get home to get it ready. And on top of that, it now has a 9 percent discount.

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