Where to watch Vinland saga legally?

where to watch vinland saga

Where to watch Vinland saga legally?

The Vikings of the Vinland Saga manga have become very popular since 2019. The popularity of this anime has been so great that streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are betting on them. Netflix currently has many anime series on its calendar. But, today, we are going to answer the question of why you are here, is Vinland Saga on Netflix? Where to watch Vinland saga? Read on for answers and other important facts about Vinland Saga.

Where to watch vinland saga?

Vinland Saga is an anime that currently has 1 season of 24 episodes. It consists of Viking warriors, where Thorfinn, son of one of the best Viking warriors. He swears revenge against a mercenary leader named Askeladd after killing his father in a tough battle.

where to watch vinland saga

Secretly and well planned, Thorfinn joins Askeladd’s mercenary group, intending to challenge his father’s murderer to a duel. But without realizing it, he ends up in the middle of a war for the crown of England. Since then, he lives in constant adventures, missions and battles.

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Thorfinn’s childhood has always been on the battlefield. His only dream was to find the island called Vinland. But the tragic event would delay the way to reach the dream island. However, he would not cease to be a hero, a warrior in a turbulent time.

Can I watch Vinland Saga on Netflix?

The answer is no. Unfortunately, Vinland Saga is not available on Netflix. However, Netflix has joined Wit Studio, which is in charge of the anime Vinland Saga and Attacks on Titan, among other animes.

The agreement between these two companies has been to finance the young entertainers. Since Netflix will contribute the 5720 dollars to cover the academic cost per student, it will also contribute dollars towards monthly expenses. The purpose of Netflix is ​​for students to work on animation for Netflix original productions.
So, it is possible that very soon, we can see Vinland Saga on Netflix. And why not, new seasons of the same anime. Would you like to see more Vinland season? But well, now that you know that the anime is not on Netflix, you will surely wonder, Where can I see Vinland Saga? We will answer this question below.

Watch vinland saga

Despite not watching Vinland Saga on Netflix, it is important to inform all Vinland fans. That series is available on Amazon Prime Video. It is also found on other platforms, but we recommend watching it originally on Amazon Videos. You just have to enter the official Amazon website and subscribe.

Why see Vinland?

If you like anime and have heard or read on the internet about this popular new series. And you want to know if it’s worth seeing, let me tell you yes. We 100% recommend watching Vinland on Amazon Prime Video.

Mainly because the battle scenes are very original, they are very well produced, to the point of always keeping you glued to the screen. (We already know why Netflix wants them for them.) The plot is intense, with an incredible story presented in a way never seen before. Even antagonistic character sets have been introduced in interesting ways, adding value to the plot.

Thanks to the personality that was given to Thors, Thorfinn, Leif, the villagers, among others. They have made anime one of the most attractive so far.