Trine 4 Walkthrough for Beginner and Pro Gamers

trine 4 walkthrough

Trine 4 Walkthrough for Beginner and Pro Gamers

A trailer has been released to announce the release date of the long-awaited Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince. In this article, we will go with the trine 4 walkthrough and see new elements that have been added to update the past deliveries. We will have new skills and, something very important, a new game mode for four people.

The interface will once again be very similar to the first two installments: a 2.5D game loaded with puzzles and classic platform elements. The battles will continue to take place in the same way, with the inclusion of new abilities. Check out the best gaming platform for sports games.

Trine 4 walkthrough: The Nightmare Prince

trine 4 walkthrough

It will be available for purchase on October 8 and released for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC. The cost of the normal edition will be $ 30, while the Ultimate Collection will reach $ 50.

This special edition will bring a downloadable code for the game soundtrack, an Art Book download code, a reversible cover for the game, and a physical edition of the Trine 4 map.

Less than two months to go and the comments of those who have already been able to get their hands on this title leave it in a good place. It only remains to wait to be able to enjoy it.

There are many sagas based on the cooperative, but one of the most liked since its first installment has been Trine, thanks to its proposal of puzzles and platforms to combine the skills of a knight, a magician, and a magician thief. The guys at Frozenbyte almost lost their way with their third installment, but from what I could prove at Gamescom, they will come back strong with Trine 4 walkthrough.

On the one hand, this installment goes back to basics, abandoning 3D to return to side-scrolling, but maintaining those high-quality and fairytale graphics that have always characterized the franchise. On this occasion, the main trio must deal with a young man who has the power to make anyone’s worst fears come true, which is causing chaos throughout the kingdom.

At the fair, the studio showed us a demo played in a local cooperative (you can play locally and online, and you can also play alone) of a level around the middle of the adventure, where you can take full advantage of the news of this delivery. The most basic is still maintained, so the magician can create cubes and move them at will. The warrior is specialized in combat and defense, while the thief can attack from a distance and jump with greater agility.

What happened with the Nightmare Prince

This has not changed, but the way of posing many puzzles has. Again, it will be necessary to combine the skills of each character to overcome the various puzzles and platform sections, activating mechanisms with a magician’s box, creating counterweights with the warrior or breaking some distant structure with the thief. So far, so good, but in Trine 4, fluids and elemental states will be much more important.

Several puzzles were based on fire in combination with water, so there is some mechanism that is activated with fire. Still, we cannot just launch a fire arrow (we will have access to several types of the arrow as we progress), since there is a stream of water along the way that turns off the arrow. Therefore, just before we have to block that water, create a path with a rope with the thief for the rest of the companions, and do something else.

Physics is still fundamental, with multiple solutions for different puzzles that may not seem obvious a priori but can be found through experimentation. You just have to use logic, so if it makes sense to raise a tree to progress, then it is done and it will work.


trine 4 puzzles

The puzzles they taught were quite imaginative and varied, culminating in a final boss that functions as traditional combat and a puzzle in itself, something already typical in the saga. The truth was, it was quite hypnotizing to see how everything worked so well since when I have played the previous ones, the normal thing has always been to spend a good time thinking about how to cooperate with allies … If before we have not been bothering each other, of course.

Although this demo they showed us worked on PC, I was also able to test the Switch version of Trine 4, playing this time alone and from the beginning of the adventure. Technically, it seems that we will be facing a very high-quality port, moving everything at 30 FPS, but still looking great. The control is excellent, and playing in portable mode with “just” some detail or lower resolution is something that will help a lot when playing cooperatively on the go.

Technically, trine 4 walkthrough: The Nightmare Prince will be incredible again, thanks to a brilliant artistic section, beautiful settings that seem to be taken from a fantasy world, a beautiful soundtrack and a fantastic work of the actors in English. Maybe the experiment of the previous installment did not go very well, but Frozenbyte will return with the big door on October 8.