5 Best To Do List Apps for ANDROID

To Do List Apps

5 Best To Do List Apps for ANDROID

Organize your tasks by a list of tasks, projects, subtasks that also allows you to add additional information such as reminders, labels, notes, attach files, set priorities, share with teams, among others. Today we share best To Do list apps for ANDROID.

They are the best applications for Android mobile devices that allow us to save notes and create a to-do list. Each application has its focus and characteristics, so it is worth analyzing which one best suits your needs to be more productive.

Best To Do List Apps for ANDROID

Google TasksTo Do List Apps

With its new design, it is now better to quickly capture notes, add details and even create a task from your email.

Synchronization: Google account

Devices: Web, Android, iOS.

Remarkable: Subtasks, Create from Gmail and due dates.

Price: Free

Available on: Android

TodoistTo Do List Apps

Todoist is a public favorite. It is a very extensive free application. You can configure different projects. For example, you can have one for personal tasks, one for work, and one for shopping.

Synchronization: Registered any email

Devices: Android, iOS, iPad OS, Mac, Apple Watch, Windows, and Web

Remarkable: Projects, Share tasks, Filters, integration with other apps, labels, subtasks, sections, reminders, among others.

Price: Free Limited and $ 2.99 / Month

Available on: Android

Microsoft To-doTo Do List Apps

It is a daily planner with which you can create a personalized task list that also connects to Microsoft apps: Outlook, Team, and more.

Synchronization: Microsoft account

Devices: Android, Web, Apple Store, and Windows.

Remarkable: Simple sharing and integration with Office 365.

Price: Free

Available on: Android

Any.doTo Do List Apps

Any.do is a very popular app for keeping up to date with a to-do list. It has a fairly minimalist design. It also supports cloud sync.

Synchronization: Any email account.

Devices: Web, iPad, Android, iPhone,

Remarkable: Create tasks from WhatsApp, Integrated Calendar, future shopping list, planner and interface.

Price: Free limited and from $ 5.99 / Month

Available on: Android

tasks: task list

Organize your tasks efficiently across multiple to-do lists with the quick addition of a task entry that also allows you to add details to each task.

Synchronization: Email account.

Devices: Android

Remarkable: Dark theme, widgets on the home screen, intuitive gestures.

Price: Free with In-App purchases

Available on: Android

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