The Only Guide You Need For Car Valuation in India

The Only Guide You Need For Car Valuation in India

Finding the best and the correct price for your car is extremely important.If price it too high, it may not get any sincere responses and if price it too low, the car will be easy to sell but it will not get the right price or we must say that buying a second-hand car is more challenging than buying a new car, because purchasing a used car takes much efforts than buying a new car, since the history, papers, condition and usage details of the car must be checked and verified before purchase. However, buying used car can become a hassle-free task if you browse through some of our install leaf air for car valuation in India.

Many of us have been in a dilemma about how to calculate the value of a used car.Never estimate the price basis at what a person have bought, but at the prevailing on road price of similar model of the company.What to check for when you buy a ‘Used Car’? There are the few factors that come into play which must be considered only after analysing the car and its records. Some basic factors that which must be decided on beforesearching of cars are as follows

  1. Budget is the first thing that must be take into consideration before making a purchase decision?
  2. Is the car for sale by owner or dealer?
  3. What type of car you require for your family i.e. SUV, Sedan etc.?
  4. Has the originality of the car been maintained?
  5. Condition of Tires, body, Powertrain, etc.
  6. Popularity of car, current wait period of the car etc.
  7. Can the mileage be authenticated, with service records? Check what the estimated mileage of the type of cars you are looking at?
  8. Car Ownerships – How many previous owners does the vehicle have? Second hand car is a best purchase if it is owned by a single owner but if there are multiple owners, who have already driven the car, the performance, condition and mileage may be considerably low and poor. Therefore, it is always preferable to stick to the car that has a single ownership history.
  9. Age of the car: Check the distance the car has travelled till date.
  10. Original Car Papers and CertificatesAccident history of car.: Check the car insurance papers and vehicle history report. These documents/papers reveal details of the car and its road history, such as if the car has been into any accidents or if it has faced any recurring technical faults/defaults. Always ensure that the car owner must have the original Registration Certificate.

One of the most important aspects that need to be inquire into after finalising of the carand/or before purchasing of the car is to check car history and condition. Some of the factors that which need to look into before making a used car purchase is as follows:

  • Exterior condition of the car:When the car history and documents are OK, then there is a need to evaluate the condition of the car. Inspect the exterior of car to ensure that it is well maintained. Check for dents, scratches, re-painting, rusting, condition of tire etc.
  • Interior condition of the car.Inspect the interior aspects of the car i.e., condition of engine, quality of steering wheels, brake pedals, dashboard, car electronics, rubber lining of the car door, quality of car seat covers and other upholstery.

Always take a test drive of the car before you decide to purchase it. There are few factors that you should consider and keep in mind while taking a test drive.

  • Do check the Efficiency of ignition system, smoothness of steering wheel, brake pedals, clutch and gear shifts.
  • Do check if there is any kind of unwanted noises or vibration while driving the car at different speeds.

Once you have decided on your budget/requirements/ needs / choices from the cars which is to be purchased, among the left cars the short listing of the car that suits you the most remains a quite an easy task. However, to make the best decision and the best buy, it is important to do a bit of market research.

After evaluating the condition and performance of the used car, if satisfied with everything, make a final decision. Please go through all the legal papers carefully before signing the deal.