The Model 01 is breaking in Kickstarter


The Model 01 is breaking in Kickstarter

Kickstarter has become the starting point of great technological products, and this time we speak to them of a keyboard Open Source in a few days has become a reality thanks to this platform Crowdfunding.

His name is Model 01 (and with the originality of its creators), and is a key addition to being different in shape and performance when used on a computer, is also Open Source, which allows us – or permit – get our hands on a fully programmable tool based on our needs and daily tasks.

KeyboardThis built on two wooden bases that allow us to change the usage mode depending on the situation, leaving a total of 4 positions. The keys are in a position that is adapted to a more natural use, giving the thumb many more features than you currently have (delete functions, ctrl, and more).

In terms of design, a little out of the ordinary bastante, its main base is made of wood polished by hand, mechanical keys that have taillights that allow us to give some life to the peripheral own style, because it has different colors of light.

The Model 01 is, according to its creators, to solve a number of problems that we currently have using the standard keyboard layout, which simulates a typewriter. With this keyboard not only grow the possibilities of accessing other functions quickly, but also prevents bad posture of the hands that the future can be transformed into physical ailments by poor positioning of her working day at a computer.

It is certainly an interesting product and people also felt that, in the absence of 27 days to fulfill his term in the Kickstarter platform already doubled its original goal which was USD $ 120,000. As I write this note raised USD $ 281,730 lead, missing 26 days. They are a success and making the Model 01 is already assured.

At the moment you do not have a value set for the time of going on sale, but if you support the initiative with a donation of $ 299, its creators will make delivery of the first units built, which does not mean that this be your final price. In the form of donations and rewards are more than a thousand people that have in their hands as the Model 01 comes on the market, but not as a purchase it as a reward offered by their creators for those who support the cause.