The five worst gadgets of 2018

The five worst gadgets of 2018

Technology is not infallible, and it is not uncommon that launches in which brands bet everything ends up becoming failures. Too high expectations, expensive prices or a malfunction can be the reasons that make a device fail miserably. We present you five of the worst gadgets that have been released during the year that will come to an end in a few days:

The five worst gadgets of 2018

PlayStation Classic

Sony wanted to get on the retro console with its legendary PlayStation. The path opened by Nintendo with its mini versions of NES and SNES seems to be very lucrative, attracting all kinds of nostalgic. But the Sony machine, in addition to a short list of untranslated games, costs 99 euros, which is why many Sony fans have felt cheated. It is one the worst gadgets of 2018.

PC Classic

Retro consoles are in fashion, that’s clear. But maybe not everything has to be retro, let alone a PC. This project, which is in the stage of crowdfunding, aims to create a mini PC with a lot of classic games inside. No doubt (and due to the relative ease of emulating old games on current PCs) this points to a new trap of nostalgia.

Facebook Portal

The intelligent speaker of Facebook was born in the middle of the controversy. Logically, Facebook’s privacy problems with Cambridge Analytica were transferred to the device, which is still a camera and a microphone in the user’s house. On the other hand, the lack of features (which Facebook has been correcting) did not make it particularly attractive to users.

RED Hydrogen One

RED is a consecrated maca in the world of film cameras. Therefore, when they announced their first smartphone, the Hydrogen One, video lovers and photography rubbed their hands. But the result was a phone that far exceeded a thousand euros with a mediocre camera, a screen of low quality and even annoying software itself.


This mini-phone is difficult to define. It is, and so advertised, a small secondary smartphone to use when you do not want to carry your main phone. It occupies a kind of no man’s land between a smartwatch and a smartphone … for 350 euros. The idea did not quite fit and offered a solution to a problem that nobody really has.