The best solar chargers for mobile

The best solar chargers for mobile

Are you looking for a good portable solar charger for your mobile? This summer you will not want to go out without these solar external batteries to the field, camping or the beach. We present the best solar chargers for your smartphone or tablet, perfect for charging your devices when you have no connection to the power grid or do not want to take the typical battery that we usually use.

Obviously if you are in an apartment or in your house, this type of batteries that are charged by sunlight, maybe not very useful, but if you go on a trip and you are at a campsite or you go hiking for about How many days in the field, it is possible for a solar charger to become your best friend.

Keep in mind that these batteries will charge more or less quickly depending on the weather conditions and the orientation of the charger relative to the sun. If the day is very cloudy, the load will be very slow. In this case, it is better that they also have an energy storage function and that they also act as a traditional external battery. Continue reading- SIX TIPS FOR BUYING WIRELESS HEADPHONES

What should we look for in a good solar charger for mobile?

We have to have a few things clear, the main thing is that you will have to make a sunny day for the battery to work properly (in the case of solar chargers that do not act as a battery). Also, you have to place the solar panels perpendicular to the sun’s rays to maximize the battery’s charge.

Size? Keep in mind that the solar panels must be large to capture the maximum possible light and then transform it into electricity that will charge the battery of our mobile. The bigger the better … but without weighing much …

Capacity? Between 10,000 and 20,000 mAh is fine, a capacity more than enough to use with our smartphones and tablets.

What will we be able to load? It depends on the connection available in the external solar battery. The usual thing is to have several USB connections.

Resistant to water? Well, if it’s raining, it’s possible that it does not get much sun, but it’s a good idea to have some kind of protection against humidity if we’re going to be outdoors all day.

The efficiency of the panels? Bad news in this section: almost all solar panels have a very low efficiency in the conversion of sunlight into electrical energy: it usually hovers between 23% and 24% in the best panels … and can go down a lot in the worst options ( up to less than 10%). Keep an eye on this. Do not keep anything below 20% in the case of solar chargers. If they also have a battery function, you can lower the scale to 10%.

eye! Many do not act as a battery: no energy is stored inside them, they simply transmit it to the connected device. This means that they can charge your phone while there is sunlight. There is some model that does have this function.

Output amperage? The more the better. It is usually around 2.4A, 2A in the best starts, and 1A in the worst. If you have several USB outputs much better.

Extras: Some have LED lights and even lighters.

The best solar chargers for mobile

1. RAVPower – 16W Solar Chargerbest solar chargers

2 USB ports (5V 2A / 1A) with iSmart technology (automatically adapt to the maximum charging current of your device). Maximum of 3.2A

High efficiency: converts from 21.5% to 23.5%

It can be folded and has four carabiners to hang from the backpack

Charge up to two USB devices at the same time

Waterproof due to polyester tarpaulin and its rough seams

Dimensions: unfolded (190 × 260 mm), folded (810 × 260 mm)

Weight: 449 grams

Foldable and easy to transport, so it is especially suitable for your trekking outings. You hang it in your backpack and start capturing energy from the sun. On very sunny days this solar charger is perfect. On cloudy days your mobile will still be charged but much more slowly. It is one of the best solar chargers.

2. Suzuki – Solar Charger 20Wbest solar chargers

Double USB port DC5V – 3.4A

Light and easy to carry

Energy conversion efficiency of up to 25%.

Ideal for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Equipped with four carabiners

Water resistant: made with industrial class PET plastic with high resistance polyester fabric

Dimensions: 153 x 263mm folded

Weight: 600 grams

A solar charger with more power than the previous one. It also has four carabiners to hang it, the outside is woven in nylon and is composed of 3 solar panels. When fully deployed and with a good amount of sun, it charges as fast as a normal charger plugged into the electricity. Do not leave the mobile near the panel when you are loading it: it gets very hot.  It is one of the best solar chargers.

3. Poweradd Portable Solar Charger with 12000mAh: External Battery with 2 USB Portsbest solar chargers

High capacity of 12000mAh and 44.4Wh

Input: 5V / 2A

2 USB ports of 5V / 2.4A.

With two LED flashlights and three operating modes.

The battery comes with a hook to put it in the backpack

IPX7 waterproof, dustproof and shockproof

With lighter

The weight of 308 grams

Dimensions: 16 x 8 x 2.2 cm

One of the most portable solar external batteries of all. With enough capacity to charge your tablet and a mobile, with LED lights … and with lighter … something that can come in handy if we are in the field. This model can also be charged using the micro USB port, so it is really versatile to use in any condition.

The flashlight shines quite well and has several modes: fixed light, SOS and intermittent. It is the most resistant battery of all that we discussed, perfect to take to the field and not worry much about their status. It takes about 7 hours to load connected to the network. The manufacturer does not indicate the efficiency of the solar panel.

4.-24000mAh Power Bank External Battery and OLEBR Solar Chargerbest solar chargers

24000mAh battery.

3 charging ports that offer 2A charging and that allow charging up to 3 devices simultaneously (one of 1A and two 2A)

With 2 LED lights

Solar charger with an efficiency of 8% for use in case of emergency when you are outdoors

Automatic stop when the phone is charged.

The weight of 431 grams

Dimensions: 16.2 x 7.7 x 2.2 cm

Another model that is rather an external battery d all life with an incredible capacity and that has a small function as a solar charger. It does not have a very good efficiency, less than 10%, but it can get us out of a bind. This will allow the battery to last much longer and to be charged in case we run out of power.

It will have to load previously connecting to the network so that it works correctly. It takes about 12 hours to load. Includes a USB fan.  It is one of the best solar chargers.

Options passed: 15,000 mAh QCY solar charger

Weight: 281 grams

Dimensions: 19 × 11,3x 3 cm.

Charging by sunlight or by micro USB

6 LED light

Output power: 2 USB (1.0A and 2.1A)

Charge indicator with 5 LED lights

1 mouse to hang the battery

A more traditional model with a battery shape. It can be charged by the sun or directly connected to the electricity grid. It has a flashlight and two USB ports and a mosquito to hang it from your backpack.

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