The 6 Best Apps for Finding New Music

The 6 Best Apps for Finding New Music

Finding a new artist or band that you enjoy is a wonderful feeling, but it doesn’t happen very often unless you actively seek out new music. While many popular streaming services, such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music, have methods for recommending new tracks to you, they are not always the most reliable, courtesy of wolfwinner casino.

Sometimes music streaming services provide a lot of content that you’ve already heard. Fortunately, a few apps can assist you in discovering music you’ll enjoy, so you’ll always have something new to listen to or click this url.

Indie Shuffle

There’s nothing wrong with having a strong attachment to your music streaming app. However, music streaming apps such as Spotify can learn your preferences too well and stop recommending relevant new content. This is known as the Spotify Feedback Loop, and it may prevent you from discovering new music. Although there are indie artists on popular streaming apps, more popular, mainstream artists appear to be favoured and plastered all over the front page.

Fortunately, as the app’s name suggests, Indie Shuffle is one of the best platforms for discovering new music by indie artists. You can listen to playlists made by others that will help you focus on school or work, exercise, or simply relax at the end of the day. Alternatively, you can always see the most recent songs from unique artists, along with tags to help you decide if you’ll like them and a list of similar artists.


Although Pandora is still a popular app, many people may overlook it when looking for new music. Pandora, unlike music streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, or Amazon Music, is primarily a radio streaming platform. While Spotify has a radio feature, it isn’t as well designed as Pandora, whose sole purpose is to provide radio streams that never feel stale.

It’s simple to find a favourite musician or musical style and add that radio station to your library. You may then instantly navigate through all of your stations on the My Collection page when you first start the app. The most popular songs on Pandora right now are displayed on the For You page, along with stations arranged by genre, up-and-coming artists, artist takeovers, moods, and activities.

Discz Music

Discz Music functions similarly to the Tinder of new music apps. When you open the app, there will always be new songs to listen to. If you don’t like them, swipe left, and if you do, swipe right. The app will then remember which songs you prefer and assist you in creating playlists and discovering new artists based on your preferences.

You can also browse the Discover tab, which will appear highly personalized because you must import your Spotify listening history. You can see your top Spotify tracks and artists, as well as browse similar songs based on your favourites. ​​​​​​​


SoundHound is an excellent choice for identifying random songs and discovering new music. When you first launch the app, you’ll notice a pulsing orange button that you can tap to sing or hum a song stuck in your head or to have it listen to a nearby radio station. The app, like Shazam, will identify the song and allow you to decide whether or not to add it to a playlist. If you don’t have any of your playlists, you can browse through existing ones. ​​​


SoundCloud is another service that is well-known for assisting you in discovering new and upcoming artists rather than simply listening to the most popular songs. However, many people use the desktop website but are unaware that a mobile app is available.

One of the reasons you should start using SoundCloud is that you’ll be more likely to discover new artists while commuting to work or school or simply listening to music around the house if you use it on your phone.

ReverbNation Discover

When you first download the app and create an account, you’ll be asked to choose your favourite genres. Alternative, Country, Dance, Folk, Hip Hop, Metal, Pop, R&B, and Rock are the main genre categories that can be changed in the future. The app will then send you songs from one or more genres.

Because it mixes genres, this system helps you discover new music better than Spotify. After all, most people do not only enjoy one type of music. So many artists combine genres, so it’s great to be able to discover new favourites this way. When browsing through your genre mix, you can add a song to a custom playlist or skip it if you don’t like it.