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The Jins Meme is a new product of wearable technology developed by the Japanese manufacturer Jin. These smart glass measure eye movements and posture to detect the state of the body and fatigue.

Recent advances in consumer technology have accustomed us to think of wearable devices such as the future of gadgets. The smartwatch and smartband are becoming common as well as other types of devices by the most varied purposes.

Here are the latest rumors about Samsung Gear Blink, the SmartGlass that Samsung is expected to launch the most famous and Google Glass

We had already talked about Samsung Blink Gear in the past , assuming that the first glasses of the company should be called just that. Today we have more rumors about this wearable technology and it seems that the presentations have already been set: it speaks, in fact, in March 2015, and the date should not be surprising, given that the brand of eyeglasses has already been registered in recent months.