Strix Asus GTX 980 Ti, the most powerful graphics card in market

Asus graphics card

Strix Asus GTX 980 Ti, the most powerful graphics card in market

ASUS still betting big on the world “gaming” with the launch of his incredible Strix GTX 980 Ti, spectacular graphics card ensures highest performance graphics in games, an improved manufacturing and structural reinforcement that underpins the reliability and longevity the same.

Asus graphics card The GTX 980 Ti graphics Strix incorporates the new GeForce GTX 980 Ti, reaches an impressive clock speed of 1291 MHz GPU Boost in gaming mode, and 1317 MHz in OC mode, which means a yield 24% faster than reference cards in The Witcher 3, for us an idea. It has the technology ASUS DirectCU III Wing fans Triple-Blade 0dB, a patented design that maximizes airflow, reduce the temperature to 30% and noise 3 times compared to reference design.

The GTX 980 Ti graphics Strix also incorporates ASUS Extreme Auto-own technology with the reliability of components Super Alloy Power II; and XSplit Gamecaster, which lets you adjust the performance in an intuitive way and share the games via streaming.

DirectCU III Wing fans Triple-Blade 0dB: Silence and temperature reduction

The cooling technology DirectCU III, exclusive ASUS has two 10 mm pipes sinks in direct contact with the GPU, a design that reduces the temperature 30% compared to reference designs. In addition, the three ventilator s incorporate a new patented design, using new wing-blade blades improves airflow and static pressure on the sink 105%. This unique design also works with a sound 3 times lower compared to traditional fans, which positions III DirectCU cooling as designing quieter and available today on the market cold.

Auto-Extreme technology with Super Alloy Power components II: Quality and reliability leaders

The GTX 980 Ti graphics Strix also benefits from the Auto-ASUS Extreme, representing the first manufacturing process 100% automated, eliminating potential human errors during manufacturing technology and ensures maximum reliability under any usage scenario. Extreme self minimizes the accumulation of dust and oxidation, and results in a PCB that could cut ends without users. Moreover, by including space for the installation of capacitors POSCAP, improves the chances of overclocking. Finally, this system does not use aggressive chemical manufacturing and reduces energy consumption 50%.

II Super Alloy Power components improve both efficiency and reduce energy loss as the ringing when working at full load. This chart has a feed system 12 + 2 phase that far exceeds the reference cards with power systems for 8 + 2 phases.

The GTX 980 Ti Barred complements its excellent reliability with structural reinforcements to protect against shock GPU and prevent the PCB can be bent with the passage of time.

GPU Tweak II XSplit Gamecaster is adjustable and intuitive

The new interface GPU Tweak II application provides a more visual than ever without sacrificing the advanced options for experienced overclockers overclocking. With just one click, the new Gaming Booster function maximizes performance by eliminating redundant processes to make available to the user all potential resources system. This chart also includes a free license for one year XSplit Gamecaster that allows users to send and record their games in the simplest way.

Aesthetically, the GTX 980 Ti Barred includes an LED Strix adds vibrant light effects.

The new Asus Strix GTX 980 Ti is now available in the market with a price up to $1000, which can be high but we must consider that we are now at the graphics card more powerful on the market games, a real beast you can run the latest games, with all options to maximum and resolutions up to 4K virtually no muss.