Speaker record, Neolith launches electrostatic speakers to “minimum” 80 thousand dollars


Speaker record, Neolith launches electrostatic speakers to “minimum” 80 thousand dollars

The pair of speaker Neolith costs minimum 80 thousand dollars, which is why

Even if it is the usual cliché of the average consumer, we would just like to know who never buy speakers electrostatic minimum 80 thousand dollars: the brand is what it is, and we know it; product quality is unquestionable three hundred and sixty degrees, but 80 thousand dollars, in short, are not meant to be spent behind a pair of speakers, as can be monstrous. Apart from this by the average consumer, here are the details, which for someone who might be more convincing.

Martin Logan presented Neolith, pair of speakers that exceeds by 35% the size of those that the company had produced to date: it is the speakers that reproduce the sound via electrostatic transducers 55 x 120 centimeters, combined with a woofer 15 inches on the back and a 12-inch midrange place frontally. The resonances will be very low – and it is a detail from nothing to the experts, since the whole system is housed in a cabinet made ​​of composite.

A pair of speaker expensive

For playback, Neolith uses a technology to disperse sound very particular: the speaker in question make it possible to arrive at low frequencies up to 23 Hz, and you can imagine very well what it is. To all, of course, there is a price, and quality – from that world and the world – you pay dearly: the pair costs “minimum” 80 thousand dollars, a figure likely to increase if you choose other types of finishes. We just have to leave the opening video, without wishing you good shopping!