Six reasons to switch to VoIP

Six reasons to switch to VoIP

In the opinion of many industry watchers, you will be switching to VoIP, it’s just a question of when. By digitising telephony to use computers and computer networks, you’ll gain the ability to extend and manipulate its features in ways that were unthinkable with old-style analogue lines.

Here are just six of the reasons businesses of all sizes are flocking to VoIP.


VoIP technology is cheaper to run; it shares your existing broadband and network connections instead of requiring an additional telephone infrastructure. Exchanges and call-recording services can be created in software without the need for physical accessories and wiring.

Businesses that are heavily telephone-based or make lots of long-distance and international calls enjoy significant cost benefits from VoIP.

Larger companies can negotiate wholesale VoIP termination rates and even participate in the global market in route trading that underlies the VoIP infrastructure. Sites like offer more details.


Like ordinary computer servers and networks, VoIP networks can be hosted in-house or outsourced. For larger businesses, it is worth hiring personnel and equipment to run your own routers, switches and software, but smaller businesses can leave the technical details to a reliable provider. Switching to VoIP is as simple as swapping your handsets and plugging them into a different socket.


Businesses have many reasons to be concerned about the security of their telephones. Their reason might be as mundane as preventing employees from running up bills on private calls or as serious as ensuring compliance with provisions of the GDPR’s new privacy and data protection regulations; see for more information.

With a VoIP system, automatically vetting calls is relatively straightforward. Companies with enterprise management software will find them easy to integrate with existing compliance control strategies.


Desktop phones and smart mobile phones can be linked to the company’s VoIP gateway. It should then be simple to move to an office miles away and continue connecting from the same numbers.


Incoming calls that go unanswered in one office can be escalated to another. Calls can also be forwarded to personnel out on the road. Don’t miss vital opportunities ever again!

With additional software, voice recognition and AI can analyse calls and forward or respond to them intelligently.

Service quality

Advanced VoIP features reduce queuing, missed and misdirected calls, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and boosting your company’s image.