Runtastic Orbit, a gadget for athletes


Runtastic Orbit, a gadget for athletes

The Runtastic company, seeing the success they currently have different gadgets to control the exercise we do when we practice sports, has introduced its Orbit Runtastic gadget, with which we can quantify all the activity we conduct even at rest.

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If you’ve been keeping up with news about gadgets that help people control the exercise you do, you surely have heard countless names, but in reality almost all offer the same options. This market has taken off so much in recent years, which has aroused great interest in the world of sport and to control such activity .

Runtastic Orbit is a gadget that will allow us to control how much physical activity we perform daily, not only exercise, but also the steps taken and the hours we spend dirario sleep and even how many calories your body burns at rest, with so we have an exact control of what we spend each day in order to get increased these levels and excel ourselves and, if necessary, increase the hours of sleep.

More about Runtastic Orbit

Runtastic Orbit has a OLED screen that can see well even with the sun, also contains a button with which to control and view different variables available; and that’s not all, because we can reset the gadget if you have any problems with it.

Besides carrying around like clockwork, very useful if we’re going out for a run or walk, we also have the option to hang it in our pants or pocket because it has a kind of clamp. Note also that is submersible in water and its mobile application to monitor all data that are offered. For about 119 euros you can purchase Runtastic Orbit.