Refurbished iMacs: To Buy Or Not To Buy

Refurbished iMacs: To Buy Or Not To Buy

Stylish, elegant and secretly desired by almost every computer user on the planet, the Apple iMac continues to shine among desktop computers even into the 21st century. Furthermore, the refurbished iMac hasn’t diminished any in its popular appeal as more and more reputable refurbishing centers, such as, continue to pull the seemingly endless supply of iMacs out of their proverbial magic hats.

Actually, iMac refurbs are well-known for their varying availability. They are so popular in the public’s mind that many forego a more practical laptop or handheld digital device simply to sit in front of the luscious iMac.

That said, our article below covers three basic reasons to especially go with a refurbished model iMac.

It’s The Price

Among the many other products manufactured by Apple, refurbished desktops are less expensive than brand new models–much lower. Moreover, their overall quality is not compromised in the slightest.

Generally, the savings on refurbished models range from 11 to 25 percent off the original sales price. For instance, a refurbished 21.5-inch iMac from July 2010 recently sold for $1099—a 25 percent reduction from the original price of $1499.

Knowing How Much You Really Need

Traditionally, some potential buyers hesitate buying iMac refurbs simply because they are not the newest kid on the proverbial block. Others, may not think a refurb is up to the task of processing the latest innovations.

However, if the potential buyers will just take a deep breath and take inventory of just what they’ll be doing with the iMac, they may soon realize that this refurbished model simply makes more sense to buy than a new model.

For instance, if a desktop is used primarily for word processing, browsing through the Internet, photo editing and an occasional online game, does it really make sense to overspend for a newer model that forces you to pay for software and capabilities you’ll never use?

Simply put, refurbished Apple desktops do almost everything a new iMac does. In addition, upgrades are readily available if more processing ability is needed at any future time.

Backup Warranty

While some Apple sites do carry the Apple one-year warranty, typically, most refurbishing outlets come with a 90-day warranty for the unit and the parts.

Be it as it is, whether it’s for a price advantage, capability or a warranty guarantee, iMac refurbishments continue being the ultimate all-in-one affordable desktop computer choice for people still looking for Apple’s signature quality.