Razer Forge TV, mini-console with Android that refers to the PC


Razer Forge TV, mini-console with Android that refers to the PC

Razer unveiled at CES the new Razer Forge, a small console with Android TV, via the Serval controller, will taste the videogame titles for Android or content streamed from the PC.

The operating system of Google, and more specifically Android TV, the platform for home entertainment on TV presented at the Google I / O 2014, certainly has great potential in terms of gaming – even if you can not say that it is still a center of interest for hardcore gamers.

gadgetAt the time of its launch, however, the Mountain View company has promised the arrival of a new console developed in collaboration with Razer, one of the most significant figures in the context of video gaming.

This console is Razer Forge TV, a device that uses precisely Android TV and a system on chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 to provide the entertainment provided by the ecosystem Android.

The small console uses the Adreno 420 GPU, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage space but the hardware is certainly not the most important aspect in this product. The basic version, which costs $ 100 is merely putting in his hands when the user described above; the advanced version instead also provides a device called Serval controller that will be included in a bundle by $ 150.

The bundle with gamepad, which alone will cost $ 79.99, will not only provide a valuable input system but will ensure access to the service Cortex Stream that will allow you to stream video games from the PC, that is from the library of Steam , Origin, Uplay or Battle.net, with NVIDIA or AMD.

To all this must be added the arrival of Turret lapboard, a combination of keyboard and mouse Razer trying in turn to move from the desk to the videogaming sofa offering a convenient solution for all those titles that require the classic PC peripherals. The Turret lapboard will be priced at $ 130.