Programmatic marketing: what it is, its advantages, how to launch programmatic advertising

what programmatic marketing is

Programmatic marketing: what it is, its advantages, how to launch programmatic advertising

Each year millions of dollars are spent worldwide on programmatic marketing. This is the name used for sale and purchase of online advertising resources or space with the help of automated software on a real-time basis. Let us have a look at what makes this method so popular and why so much money is spent on it.

Advantages of programmatic marketing

First and foremost – this type of advertising purchase and sale is much faster than any other, plus, it is fully automated, with minimum human interference. Virtually, all the processes take place on a common technological platform.

The advertiser now can spend the time that has been saved by automated processes on the development and improvement of their targeting strategy. Every user of this advanced tool enjoys access to full analytics and advertising campaign reports.

Launching programmatic advertising

First thing you need to do is set your priorities. It means:

  • choose what you want to advertise;
  • determine your target audience;
  • define the goals of your advertising campaign;
  • set the budget for programmatic advertising.

To get everything right from the first time it is useful to know some common mistakes made by inexperienced advertisers, such as:

  • setting of ineffective and unachievable KPIs (key performance indicators);
  • frequent edits based on everyday analytics;
  • incorrect budget planning – you spend more than it has been decided;
  • unwillingness to take advice from experienced marketing specialists.

Example of programmatic advertising

Whatever you want to advertise (a mobile application, a store, a venue, services, etc), you need targeting. The following data need to be specified:

  • gender – male/female/both, or other;
  • age range;
  • interests – relevant to the advertised product or service;
  • day and time – you need to set specific time and days when your ads are to be shown;
  • device – a PC or a smartphone.

Next, a robot (artificial intelligence/AI) is going to determine the best online platforms for your advertising campaign and buy digital resources at an auction. Basically, AI makes an independent decision where and whom to show the client’s advertisements.