Other projects take over the controversial Anonabox


Other projects take over the controversial Anonabox

Few days ago a Kickstarter project called Anonabox attracted great interest. This router lets you protect your privacy and leveraging the OpenWRT software tools Tor Project were outnumbered by the lack of transparency of its leaders.

That ruling was that the project was canceled by Kickstarter -its creators continue with the idea from his own website- but now other side projects with the same goal and that is precisely correct sections as transparency try to take over.

GadgetIt is clear that the protection of privacy is an option that interests many users, and now that has been compromised Anonabox have emerged as alternatives Invizbox, which like the previous one makes use of a wireless router made ​​in china-the WT 3020A, apparently identical to the one used in Anonabox- and OpenWRT operating system to protect all our communications.

Unlike Anonabox, project developers just try to answer all the criticisms raised in this project, and confess that they are not using hardware created by them, but use a device that can serve this purpose reinforced with software upgrades.

They admit, however, that despite the experience in the field of security and administration of Linux systems vulnerabilities could arise, and documentation designed to be trying to head off future problems. The idea, they say is to “provide documentation that clearly states what is good this little box, and especially what is not good (for example, do not trust your life to it or assume that you become someone anonymous)”.

Inbox addition there are other interesting alternatives such as PORTAL Project , an Open Source initiative also leverages the possibilities of Tor, or Torfi, another project “router for anonymity” that uses the home router TP-Link TL-WR841N to provide their performance when using Tor or a VPN network using OpenVPN software.

Reflash your own router with OpenWRT if supported, buy some cheap router theoretically specific to this task, or buy one of the increasingly popular Onion Router based Raspberry Pi (which cost about $ 135, but also what you can mount them ) are some additional options that are geared to a more technical but again try to respond to this need for many to try to safeguard your privacy.