Moov, fitness tracker able to follow every movement can be done by the coach for each sport


Moov, fitness tracker able to follow every movement can be done by the coach for each sport

Moov is a fitness tracker better than what you already have, or at least these are the forecasts that we can do as opposed to those already on the market, this new gadget can track the movements in all directions, and potentially “understand” each sport.

Moov was able to exceed its goal on Kickstarter in 90 minutes, and it’s not hard to see why: defined as a coach AI wearable thanks to its sophisticated sensors that record 9 axes of motion, the Moov is able to understand the position of the the body of the wearer.

GadgetFor the time being, in fact, Moov can understand much more than running, cycling and walking – at its launch, which will take approximately one month from now, the fitness tracker will also understand boxing, weight lifting and swimming. Its design reminds me ‘electronic bracelets for geofencing of prisoners, but this is because you can stick your arm or ankle, to monitor the most of your business. If you do boxing, you have to use two trackers, to better follow the movements.

And a sensor is very little to those who are not a software developer with the fitness craze and access to a sports scientist. Moov is designed for the consumer, and is connected to an app that works on you in real time, as a coach, pushing yourself to new goals by giving you tips on the best location and trying to alert you to a possible danger of damage – and as the Moov is thought to weight training, it is a good thing.

I used an Olympic bar: I do not recommend you to use a fitness tracker as the only coaches, but the suggestions and ideas are always welcome. And the team Moov is doing everything possible to expand the number and quality of apps connected, and to land on Android within a few weeks. The Kickstarter backer of the original have already received your Moov and within three to four weeks also the online shop of the developers will be ready to offer Moov to the general public, which can now put the device on pre-order for about $ 80.

The developers have just managed to secure another 3 million to continue developing the device. It is a good sign for what may turn out to be one of the best gifts for sports fans, now that Christmas is approaching.