The 7 Best Minimalist Watches For Men

Best Minimalist Watches

The 7 Best Minimalist Watches For Men

I always liked bulky watches with many functions that I really didn’t even use because they seemed more attractive and even professional, so one day I realized that I could change for the best minimalist watches for men and I tried different models.

The truth is that it was difficult for me to find one that was affordable and of high quality and durability, because most of them stopped shortly, were late, or their metal parts rusted very quickly. So you can imagine that it was not easy to find the best.

What are the best minimalist watches for men?

Although it is not easy to choose a single one that seems perfect to everyone, it is possible to narrow down the search and find a few that perfectly fulfill their tasks both in terms of design, operation, and aesthetics. For example, the ones in the comparative list that you see below bring together high-quality elements such as quartz movement, scratch, and impact-resistant mineral crystals and even straps of different types. No cheap materials that can not stand a month of use.

Here are  the best minimalist watches for men:

1. BUREI Minimalist Men’s WatchBest Minimalist Watches

If it is a matter of simple designs, this is it, but it does not leave aside elegance, so it is not only perfect for a work environment but also for a romantic date or special moments.

You will see how sophisticated this ultra-slim design with the Milanese band will look on your wrist. You should know that it has a Japanese quartz movement and is characterized by being quite accurate and reliable and that it is comfortable to use.

2. Sibosun Men’s Minimalist WatchBest Minimalist Watches

If you are looking for a model in which good taste is expressed in the design and that is perfectly combined with quality and effectiveness, this is the watch for you. And it is available in black and blue so you can choose according to your personality.

One of the most ideal things is its resistance to water, which is not usually present in elegant designs like this, which speaks to its quality.

3. Bristol Classic Collection Daniel WellingtonBest Minimalist Watches

Recommended for its elegant and fashionable style, this watch is everything an elegant and fashionable man could want. It has a very attractive gold dial accompanied by the precise quartz movement and a resistant 40mm mineral glass dial. Everything is completed with a water resistance of 30m.

The strap can be brown or black and is interchangeable, while it does not have numbers but with minimalist lines.

4. CIVO CO124Best Minimalist Watches

Not all brands take risks with designs as different as this one, which is definitely a plus for this model. It is that its round dial includes quite striking light blue details and also replaces the usual numbers with simple strokes.

It includes a metal strap and a separate sub-dial for the second hand, which, although elegant and modern, can add a touch of freshness and originality to even the most formal outfits. It resists 30m dives and has a diameter of 40mm.

5. Braun BN0231BKBRGAL

A very clean dial makes this watch stand out, with fairly similar lines but with some differences in each hour. In fact, the bottom of the box suggests that it is a wooden watch. Besides, it includes a quite attractive and elegant brown leather strap, as well as a fairly resistant alloy case that also supports 50m water immersions.

It has a diameter of 38 mm and a thickness of 9 mm, as well as the design and back of an excellent brand.

6.  Baciami SkmeiBest Minimalist Watches

This gold design watch with Roman numerals at 12 o’clock reminds you of times of yesteryear, as it also has a super slim case 6 mm thick and about 40 mm in diameter. At the same time, the strap is mesh, a detail that is also very popular because it prevents odors and stains.

Then you have a water resistance of 3 bar and it even has wooden frames. Simply put, it is a timeless design. Includes a great felt cover.

7. Kezzi K738

Recommended for executives who spend much of the day in the office. It is that its black leather strap and the mineral glass case with an internal texture similar to carbon fiber look phenomenal. In addition, it does not include numbers but only the labeling with the manufacturer’s name and very delicate lines for the hours.

It is water-resistant to 3 bar, has a thickness of just 6 mm, uses Japanese quartz movement and has stainless steel in its construction, so it exceeds quality.

What are minimalist watches?

Although there is no standard of how a minimalist watch should be, they share certain characteristics in common that define them, such as a simpler design accompanied by marks and lines instead of large numbers to indicate the hours and minutes, in addition to the absence of varied dials. That is, it is all done thinking of “less is more.”

This type of special watch lacks many features that more advanced models do, but if you are looking for something precisely simpler, you will be grateful for the lack of complications and additional parts, which also translates into less expensive watches.

The 6 reasons to wear minimalist watches

If you’ve worn those big, feature-packed watches all your life, you might be wondering why someone would prefer simpler models. Well, the advantages are many and here we will tell you some of them:

1. He is more educated on certain occasions

Although many of us prefer to see the time on our mobile, it is true that in some scenarios it can be perceived as rude or even as a lack of respect. For example, if you are in the middle of a meeting with senior officials or if you are having an important dinner, such as the first dinner with your future in-laws.

In any case, moving your hand a little to see the time on a small and simple clock can be much more polite and will even go unnoticed without anyone thinking that you are rude.

2. Make your style and personality known

Impressions matter, especially in situationswatches-minimalist formal, work or events that demand elegance. If you wear a luxury watch you will surely be able to impress the right people, not to mention job interviews! As soon as you are seen with your new minimalist watch wasting style and practicality, chances are you will get that job that you have dreamed of having so much.

Anyway, they are also perfect to complete your casual style, showing the side of your personality more neat and tidy. And when you choose the color and design, keep this in mind, since each accessory and garment we wear says something about ourselves and presents us with the world.

3. Show responsibility

Taking your mobile to see the time all the time may seem childish and of little responsibility. In addition, it can give the idea that neither your time nor that of others seems important enough for you to buy a watch, that unique and special accessory to keep time.

So it is best to have a watch on your wrist that shows that your time and that of others is very important to you.

4. It makes it easy for you to keep track of your schedules

There are times when you need to see the time and you realize two things. First, that there is no wall clock to get you out of trouble and, second, that you cannot take out your phone either because you are in the middle of a meeting, a class or any other situation in which it may seem disrespectful to take out your mobile. In those cases, it can be difficult to keep up with your obligations and plan adequately for the commitments you have during the day.

5. It is a fashion accessory

While children and teenagers often wear simple, minimalist-like watches, it is also true that even businessmen and senior executives find them attractive for all the reasons explained above, such as attractive, modern and elegant design.

If anything, if you still find that most minimalist watches aren’t serious or elegant enough you are looking for, think twice and take a good look at our comparison list. There you will see that these watches can be very elegant and versatile, since in most of them you can even interchange the straps and choose a more modern or executive one, so to speak.

Similarly, a good way to find more fashionable and adult models are by looking at the glass, looking for one that is not so big or intrusive.

6. They are ultra-convenient

The convenience of these watches is complete. If you are still not completely clear, just think that you are in the office, giving a presentation in which your time is counted. You will not have to stop to ask the time or be diverting your attention looking for a wall clock, but with a simple movement of your wrist, you will be able to see the time and stay on time.

In the same way, they are usually very durable and if you end up choosing one of very good quality, surely you can pass it from generation to generation and your children could easily inherit your watch. It would be a beautiful detail and a kind of relic within the family.

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