How to bypass mega download limit

mega download limit

How to bypass mega download limit

MEGA is one of the most widely used cloud hosting services around the world. It is the successor of the extinct Megaupload, and at the time of launch, it promised numerous improvements over it. Overall, several of those promises were kept, and MEGA managed to position itself as one of the best platforms in the world.

In it you can find any type of multimedia file, Android application, document, whatever! But it has a rather annoying problem, its download limit for free accounts. In Spain, it is just 1GB every 5 hours, and in Latin America, it is 1GB every 12, a fairly low limit. However, the Internet always has a solution for everything, and we will teach you how to remove the download limit in MEGA easily.

Remove download limit in MEGA with JDownloader and proxies

MEGA knows how much information you have downloaded thanks to your IP address, so what happens if you change it? That you will have the limit reestablished. However, making that change manually is somewhat tedious, especially if your connection is very fast and you reach the limit quickly.

How do you do then? Well, you use a proxy. What is that? In very simple words, it is a bridge between your computer and Mega’s server, which also hides your download request under an IP different from yours, which makes Mega believe that another computer is connected.

Getting a proxy is really simple, but it still remains to automate it so that it changes every time you reach the limit. JDownloader, the famous cross-platform download manager, would take care of that. Knowing this, it is time to act.

How to remove the download limit in MEGAmega download limit

  • Download and install Jdownloader on your computer from this link.
  • Open to download a list of proxies that can serve you.
  • In the browser that appears, put 300 ms in the “Speed” text box. You can put a higher figure if you want, up to 1000 ms is pretty good.
  • Mark HTTP in “Proxy Type”, leave the rest as it is, and press the “Show” button.
  • Select the entire list by shading it with the mouse and copy it. does not offer a data export service unless you pay, so it is the only way.
  • Open an Excel sheet and paste the list of proxies starting from column B. You will need column A free in a moment, otherwise, you will have to create it.
  • Remove the last four columns from the list so that only the IP address and port remain.
  • Create a column between the IP and the port. To do this, right-click on the cell with the column name (which should be C) and press “Insert.”
  • Type “HTTP: //” in the first cell in the column. Then, double-click on the box that appears in the lower right corner of the cell so that the same text is copied throughout the column.
  • Perform the same procedure in column C, write “:” only.
  • Select all the columns in the list and copy them.
  • Open the notepad and paste the listing there.

The format for adding proxies to Jdownloader does not accept spaces, so you will have to remove all of them and leave a single text string per proxy. You can remove them manually, but we show you an easier method:

  • Shade and copy all the space from the end of the IP to the beginning of the port.
  • Open the “Edit” menu and there select the “Replace” option.
  • In the first box (Find), paste the text you just copied.
  • Meanwhile, in the second box (Replace with), write only “:”.
  • Press the button “Replace all”, and you will see how now the IP and the port are joined and without spaces.
  • Follow the exact same steps to remove the space between HTTP: // and the IP. Only in the first box, you would put a blank space, and in the second you would not place anything.
  • Now that you have the properly formatted proxy list, select everything and copy.
  • Open Jdownloader, go to the “Options” tab , and there look for the “Connection Manager” section.
  • Press the “Import” button and paste your list into the floating window that opens.
  • Confirm with the “Accept” button and enjoy unlimited downloads in MEGA.

When starting new downloads, always check that proxies are enabled. From now on, every time you reach the MEGA download limit, Jdownloader will change your IP to a new proxy.

As time goes by, proxies will be out of play because other people could use the same ones as you. To solve the problem, just look for a new list in, and voila, they always update. Simple, right? Now run to download everything you find in MEGA, but be careful, we don’t want viruses.