Meet the new Apple Mac accessories

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Meet the new Apple Mac accessories

Apple just released new accessories, or rather, has renewed three of its most important peripherals for iMac: Keyboard, Trackpad and Mouse.

There are three new features per device. The first thing you can see except the Magic Mouse 2 is the new design that looks more minimalist and functional than the previous one, which Apple also promises higher quality construction making them feel more comfortable and solid.

Apple GadgetThe second thing that changes over previous models is that they now have finally left behind interchangeable batteries and have chosen to integrate their own rechargeable lithium-ion cells and can recharge the device via USB, and not Lightning C – with a time of full load of 2 hours.

The third thing we have renewed goes in particular for each of the accessories. In the case of the keyboard, it has been named as Magic Keyboard, where what we have done is to improve the system of typing, making the most stable keys and a better response optimizing press as renewed system scissors used the previous version.

As for the trackpad, whose name here is Magic Trackpad 2, its surface is 29% larger, since apparently took advantage of the space left by the old cylinder where the batteries were mating, so it keeps the same size than its predecessor. Besides, you have added the Force Touch feature that helps run some functions in the Mac more convenient and simple way by the pressure exerted on its surface.

Finally the Magic Mouse does not come with new features apart from the integrated battery. Apple says it is more accurate and lighter than its predecessor.

These three devices are available for purchase online in the United States and will soon come to other countries.

  • Magic Keyboard available in multiple languages ​​for $ 99 USD.
  • Magic Trackpad 2 for $ 129 USD.
  • Magic Mouse 2 for $ 79 USD.