Kodak enters the Android Market with a smartphone and a tablet


Kodak enters the Android Market with a smartphone and a tablet

At CES 2015 in Las Vegas Kodak will bring a tablet and a smartphone, plus a camera

We have not enough information to tell you about the next Kodak plans in detail, but we are sure that already these early rumors you will like a lot, especially if you have had to do with the company’s products, and you had the chance, therefore, of test its quality. We come now to the point.

gadgetIt seems that Kodak, great protagonist in the world of photography, is willing to jump into the Android market with three devices: a smartphone, a tablet and a camera; nothing new, you’re thinking, and, in fact, you do not have a point: how many tablets, smartphones and how many cameras were released on the market so far? A tide. The point is that here we are talking about and Kodak, as talk talk, the good thing is not never fail.

The three devices should be presented at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, and right here, if our hopes were not to be betrayed, we will see a tablet and a smartphone with a remarkable photographic industry, and one of the few cameras that features the Android operating system ; remember, in fact, that so far only Samsung has decided to commercialize a .

We could say everything and its opposite, in fact: we just have to wait for CES 2015, hoping that Kodak has in mind projects able to make their mark.