Jins Meme, smart glass health conscious user


Jins Meme, smart glass health conscious user

The Jins Meme is a new product of wearable technology developed by the Japanese manufacturer Jin. These smart glass measure eye movements and posture to detect the state of the body and fatigue.

Recent advances in consumer technology have accustomed us to think of wearable devices such as the future of gadgets. The smartwatch and smartband are becoming common as well as other types of devices by the most varied purposes.

GadgetMonths ago, a good part of the media and the public has been occupied by the advent of Google Glass. The invention of the company of Mountain View puts on the head of the user terminal capabilities similar to those of a smartphone, submitting to his attention virtual information on the surrounding world. Although the project is still developing the focus has diminished: the Glass are an interesting subject but among the various defects have to be undoubtedly striking in both design and use.

The idea of the Japanese manufacturer Jins approaches the subject from a different point of view. His glasses smart, called Jins Meme, have the intention to collect information from the user rather than administer.

The Meme are equipped with three sensors electroencephalographic places in the base of the mount, in the lugs and above the nose, sensors that are able to track the position of the retina and detect the movement of the eyes and the frequency of blinking. A combination of six-axis accelerometers, however, calculates the posture and walk delinquent. This information is then transmitted to a dedicated app on smartphones that calculates the fatigue level, the steps taken, calories burned and send feedback on posture.

Jins has focused a lot in creating a pair of glasses whose technological part was well hidden and which seem, in fact, simple eyeglasses. The company began distributing its product in Japan and intends to export it early in the territory of the United States and then in the rest of the world.