iPad Opens Up To Photoshop Express

iPad Opens Up To Photoshop Express

  • If your looking for the best and newest version of Photoshop, you can now find it on all kinds of iOS devices in the Express version.

    The 1.3 Version Compared To Others


    • Now has a native system and support specifically built for the iPad
    • It now sports a whole new name and face which i now Photoshop Express
    • A user interface that has been re-built and updated to look pretty
    • Quicker and faster overall performance and fixes to past problems on the app

    Changes Related To the iPad

    • A good foundation to work with when wanting to work in either your choice of landscape or portrait scenes
    • A faster way to upload and edit all of your personalized work online
    • Having more than one picture available to you edit at one particular time instead of just one (so much easier for mass amounts of media)
    • A redone Organizer that allows an easier way to share your media with others
    • All new icons so you can view them easier and make easier visualizations with certain subject areas
    • A way to make all your pictures loadable from both the Facebook site and the Phtoshop site all at once.

    One Thing I Could Live Without

    If you are working on your iPad and have Adobe pulled up on a landscape view, you may run into a little bit of a snag on the application.  Sometimes, and this happened a couple times, if you switch to portrait views you can catch it before the inevitable freeze. Otherwise, you’ll have to start the application right back up, but instead of opening in landscape, you’ll need to change and open it up in portrait. If you need to work in landscape from there, all you would need to do is hit another subject button or tab on the screen for the application to allow you to switch it landscape mode from portrait.  It’s not a snag that is specifically associated with the Photoshop Express version, it has to do with other applications running on my iPad trying to take sample shots from the application. Since I’ve reported it, maybe something will be done about it in future versions. This was the only thing I can really say I had any problem with. I love this application and how easy and beautifully designed it was this time through. Visit http://www.swiftnets.com/ for more ideas.