HTC, new fitness band at Mobile World Congress 2015


HTC, new fitness band at Mobile World Congress 2015

The market for wearable devices could soon welcome a new fitness band signed HTC: We’ll know more at the Mobile World Congress 2015.

HTC is working on a wearable device, and this, by now, we all know: we have no idea yet, however, of what the type of device designed by the company, given that, if a time there was talk of smartwatch, today speaks fitness band, and it is better that way, because the smart watches do not seem to have conquered the consumer (even if everything will be evaluated once launched Apple Watch). Let’s do a summary of the latest rumor figure, as to what they write Forbes and Bloomberg, sources have always considered reliable.

gadgetBloomberg had explained that this would be one smartwatch different than usual, so the hypothesis is not to be discarded in toto, despite today to talk a lot are the statements of Forbes, who spoke instead of a wearable different from what you imagine, namely the aforementioned fitness band. This structure should be made in collaboration with Under Armour and this collaboration seems to be likely, as well as Bloomberg spoke about the possible smartwatch. The fitness band should be closely connected to the smartphone, through an application for fitness tracking developed precisely in cooperation with this company: in short, it is not a close partnership only for hardware, but it seems to be something more.

HTC, in short, seems to have very clear its future in the world of wearable technology, and since the company has always been synonymous with high quality, we can hardly wait to find out what really hides behind all these rumors: we will be disappointed or not from the presentations at Mobile World Congress?

Wearable device HTC coming in 2015

The market for wearable devices is growing and HTC certainly does not want to miss a train so important, though – let’s face it – so far the smartwatch not to have conquered the consumer, since – like all other technologies currently under development or sold – have caught the attention of a very narrow niche. The latest rumors are particularly interesting, so the hope is that HTC did not let us down during the presentation of the product.

The rumor in question speak usual wearable device that the company should have submitted at the IFA 2014 and that instead it was presented; the launch – again according to these rumors attributable to sources within the company – should not occur even at CES next year: to write it were to Venture Beat, who still spoke of Q1 2015 as the reference period; to be precise, it seems that HTC wants to unravel a little bit before the CES, and then set a date for the official presentation.

“The spokesman – writes Venture Beat – said the new wearable device will be far different from any product currently on the market, but no other details have been revealed.”

What promises HTC, in short, is a new and original, different from all others: no one smartwatch but something more (maybe a bracelet of those smart?) … We hope that this is indeed something interesting.