How can mobile technology improve your company’s efficiency?

mobile technology improve your company's efficiency

How can mobile technology improve your company’s efficiency?

In the modern hyper-connected digital age, apps are everywhere. There really is an app for almost everything you can think of. It is thought that around 71% of people in the US most commonly access websites from mobile devices, and this number looks set to continue growing. External apps are designed specifically for such devices and therefore make it easier for companies to engage with customers. They have a responsive design that allows for quick loading, optimized interfaces and special features that are automatically available for the device they use. Good apps can benefit a company through increasing brand identity and loyalty. Furthermore, they offer an efficient form of free marketing – especially for companies that traditionally have little contact with their customers. 

The advantages that custom apps can provide to businesses in terms of efficiency go well beyond this, however. Internal apps can help businesses gather information to become more lean, as well as providing insights through data analytics that improve decision-making and strategy.

Apps allow you to accurately and easily measure key performance indicators, which in turn help you to build a picture of the current state of your business and decide where you need to focus to stay on track. Apps should be developed to meet the individual needs of your business in order to achieve the greatest effect. While there are a lot of generic apps out there, to get the most out of them in terms of the efficiency provided by accurate and important data analytics, as well as ease of use, it is best to have an app designed and developed specifically for you. Apps can be used for a multitude of tasks: to improve ease of data sharing, communication and collaboration; to gather information useful in risk assessment and performance measurement; or simply to gather customer feedback.

There are many great examples of how apps can be used to enhance the efficiency of your company:

  • Project management apps allow you to utilize time-tracking technology and monitor progress towards goals.
  • Apps that measure performance metrics allow you to easily identify where policies need to be amended, or where training and support need to be given to staff or departments.
  • Apps that record and analyze usage statistics are fantastic when it comes to gauging customer satisfaction and loyalty. These measure things such as the average amount of time spent on site, conversion rates between website views and completed sales, and visits made by repeat customers. These apps can also be used to reward regular customers with digital discount codes, for instance.

It is not easy to design and build an app; expert knowledge and skill are required to do so. The benefits that come from a bespoke app designed specifically to align with your business processes is invaluable, however. The best idea is to look for an independent company that specializes in designing and developing apps that provide custom data analytics for internal business use.