Home Security Measures

Home Security Measures

Everyone understands the importance of having a secure home where you can feel safe and comfortable. The problem is that many of us may not realize just how smart burglars are today. There are professional thieves that use state of the art equipment to unlock our doors and windows as well as stay up to date on the newest locks so they can find an easy way to enter our homes.

Home Security Measures

There are many different locks on the market today that offer better security than you have in many older homes in Toronto. Even some that use fingerprint technology before the door will open. The main things to do when securing your home is to ensure that you have the best possible locks on your doors and windows that make it difficult for a robber to just push hard and your door pop open. The harder the lock is to pick, the more time it will take, and the robber will more than likely choose an easier home to break into that has a weak lock.

Other ways to secure your home or at least make it less inviting include cutting trees and bushes low enough that they cannot be used to hide behind. Burglars love tall trees and bushes by bedroom windows as it makes them practically invisible while they unlock the windows.

Use lighting around your home whether the lights stay on at all times or are motion sensors that will only turn on when someone or something passes by the sensor.

Ensure your garage door is working properly and cannot be easily opened by hand. Many robbers notice when someone is having issues with their garage door and realize that it would be very easy to get into their home through the garage.

Install home security cameras in Toronto that will video what is going on around the exterior of your home. These cameras will actually be a great deterrent as soon as a thief sees these on the side of your home. The best places to add cameras is not only at the front and back door but also on the dark corners of your home that may not be seen from the street. Remember to angle them properly so you can see all of your property like the dark corners in the back yard away from the home, where someone could be hiding until you are asleep in your bed.

Home security is not only important while you are at home but just as much when you are away at work or on vacation. Be sure a neighbor or friend picks up all mail, newspaper, and other outdoor things that you would normally do if you were at home. Use lighting that will turn on at certain times of the day as if you were at home so robbers believe the family are going about their normal activities.