Hendo hoverboard, the legendary skateboard gets up to 2.5 cm from the floor


Hendo hoverboard, the legendary skateboard gets up to 2.5 cm from the floor

The legendary hoverboard was built by Hendo here is the prototype of the California startup

The last time we talked about a hoverboard Google was the company character today, however, the legendary skateboard that rises from the ground is named after Hendo hoverboard and has nothing to do with the Mountain View giant, Unfortunately for Eric Schmidt.

SkteboardTo prove were to Engadget, who testified that the skateboard of California startup gets really 2.5 cm from the ground: we are not yet in the movies and definitely not talking about the legendary skateboard that we all dreamed of using at least once in your life but a few steps forward, a great step has been done without question.

How does Hendo hoverboard?

Engineers have virtually created a magnetic field with four Hover Engine: The engine of all is the magnetic repulsion generated by these four drivers and challenges are still many; The team, in fact, is working primarily on the weight balance at the time this prototype is able to support up to 136 kg, but the goal is to get to 226. Unfortunately, no information was provided on energy and other characteristics (also If what we have seen more than enough).

At the moment, the ‘hoverboard Hendo is on Kickstarter: the parts are made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable to a dozen and you’ll have to shell out 10 thousand dollars to buy a lot’ for any ordinary mortal. Hendo is trying to make money in other ways too: anyone, in fact, will try to get a ride on a skateboard in Silicon Valley, paying a “modest” sum of 100 thousand dollars. At the moment, in other words, we can continue to see him in the video, which is better!

Even Google X has been working on a hoverboard

If we had not been able to directly interview, we would have discarded this news about Google X in no time at all, since we are talking not so much about hoverboard as teleportation. Our sources are Rich and Dan DeVaul Piponi, team members working in lab funded by Google, whose head is the famous Astro Teller, a scientist always interested to ‘artificial intelligence.

Those of Fast Company have been able to deal with many issues, but those are two that most impressed us: the first concerns the realization of this elusive hoverboard, a kind of skate magnetic levitation that looks like a little ‘high-speed trains in China and Japan; the latter, in fact, zero friction with the rails and can reach about 600 kilometers per hour. The same, unfortunately, will never occur with the ‘hoverboard, since it should be able to move everywhere and not on a track, and then reach a kind of equilibrium constant between attraction and repulsion is not possible (if it were, by the way, you also have to consider the economic feasibility of such a project).

And if you were to investments in medicine Google Labs , the following will amaze you even more: respondents have in fact admitted that he had also worked on the teleporter, unfortunately without being able to achieve any concrete results, even the slightest; physics is, once again, to put the stakes in the project, because it is impossible to move the molecules of a person from one point in space to another. Same failure showed the project to build a space elevator.

Who knows what will be the new Google signed after all these failures (assuming that this is the right name with which to define them).