Fujifilm X10 camera evaluated

Fujifilm X10 camera evaluated

Pocket cameras are still very popular. Fujifilm brings this model with good performance and ‘wave vintage ‘

One of the ways by which smartphones are still very popular is because increasingly integrated cameras bring much more power and more features. However, it is also clear that the more specialized a device may have better results.

Thanks to the online store I could taste the Fujifilm X10. It is an interesting team that can be considered as an alternative for those who are fond of photography.


The design is one of the most striking aspects of the Fujifilm X10. Has all the wave of the early camera. Simulate plastic parts pleasantly leather look.

Metal parts will provide enough stability and weight (without being excessive) to know that this is a machine that gives the user confidence to use it. Though the pieces that cover the viewfinder and the LCD screen protrudes from the body of the machine , neither too clash.

It has a hot shoe on top for adding accessories, double knob settings and the function buttons on the back.

na has lid that covers the entire lens and protects it adequately. It also has a velvet lining inside that protects the lens.

In order to simplify the use of the camera have gathered all the menu options in just two tabs.’s Camera or setup However, when many alternatives eventually end up being somewhat confusing to use.


It is 12 megapixels. Its EXR CMOS sensor is 3.2 inches. Your lens is Fujinon 4 Optical zoom. The focal length of the lens is f = 7.1 to 28.4 mm, equivalent to 28-112 mm on a 35 mm camera.

The package comes with a USB Li-ion battery, charger, strap, lens cap, cable, CD-ROM and manual.


It is an interesting machine. It has no power button To do this there are two options. Wear the ring that regulates the focal length of the lens (option seems very good) or hold the button to display the gallery. The ignition is very fast.

In addition to the usual settings (program, automatic, manual, etc.) has a knob that controls the shutter opening. Additional buttons provide direct access to white balance, autofocus, and more. Taking pictures in RAW, the process image takes about one second.

Perhaps one of the negatives is that the flash is not activated if the user manually deploys team.

If you choose to bring your eye to the viewfinder to take professional-style photos, you will find that the range of vision in the target note and that can bother. Moreover, the dimension of the images you see through the viewfinder is not what appears in the final version of the shot.


The Fujifilm X10 is a great camera performance. Despite providing many options for controlling the image, has its limitations and it can not demand more than he can give.