Easy Solutions for Hiding Electronic Cable Cords

Easy Solutions for Hiding Electronic Cable Cords

Technology is an essential component to what makes a home function. We take great pride in our electronic devices and how they help improve our way of living.

From entertaining guests to watching movies with the family, technology is an integral part to our home’s core, and without it, we lose a certain aspect to our home’s character and utility. However, when you’re enjoying that action-packed blockbuster on your XTRA package or High Definition DVD player or want to charge your cellphone, tablet or laptop—one aesthetically displeasing element always stands in the way—cords.

From the jumbled mess of cords in the office to the catalog of wiring in the living room, making sure your cords aren’t visible is not easy, but crucial. With so many electronic devices, hiding wiring and extension cords has become increasingly difficult.

Keeping cable cords tidy and out-of-the way doesn’t just look better, but also makes your home safer. Especially for homeowners with little ones or family pets, keeping cable cords out of harms way is particularly important. But with a little patience and creative thinking, there are several ways to end this interior blunder.

For simple, DIY ideas on how to can keep your cable cords neat and organized in the home, take a look at the following suggestions below.

When in doubt, disguise it…

Extension cords are universally unattractive. However, if there is no possible way to hide your cable cords, consider wrapping them in a fire-safe rope, which come in a variety of styles and colors that can be attuned to your interior décor-preference. From vibrantly colored yarn to sequenced-gray rope—this DIY (Do it yourself) project is a perfect alternative for homeowners unafraid to put in the extra “elbow grease.”

Mounted Wall for Electronic Devices

Another great DIY idea is to install a customized mounted wall near electronic outlets. From storing cell phones to seamlessly unifying headphones and unused cable cords—a displayed “mini” wall mount is an efficient, easy and cheap resolution for keeping cords out of reach for curiously prioritized cats, dogs and little ones. 

Trick them with Style

For James Bond lovers, a great and sleek way to hide wireless routers is to place them inside vintage books. By keeping tucked inside unused books, you can place cameras, IPods and remote controls on top of the book.

Create a Self-Concealed Wine Crate

For wine connoisseurs, this DIY idea is right up your alley. To get started, you’ll need a wooden wine crate, a small sheet of plywood (1/4 inches), wood glue, power strip, wooden dowel (1/2 inches) and a power drill. With its bucolic look and easily accessible features, homeowners with a love for electronics and rustic décor may have found their perfect solution.

Hit them with the Leather

For those who aren’t inclined to participate in a DIY project, you may want to consider investing in a leather gadget-carrier this is not only stylish but mobile as well. This flip-open zipped gadget-case seamlessly stores anything from tablets to headphones and does it with style. 

Image: https://pixabay.com/en/headphones-music-cord-694985/