Discover Google Android L


Discover Google Android L

Although until the fall months will not be released officially, Google has presented at a conference for its next operating system developers. L This offer Android developments regarding safety and design and introduce some changes.

GoogleAndroid L

During the conference held exclusively for developers, one of the main presentations we have seen has been to L Android , the new Google operating system for mobile devices giant. This will be available to us in the fall, but developers can try it before to get an idea of how and even contribute ideas that improve performance.

Since there are still months to launch, hay could not understand the significant new elements and see for ourselves, but what is said is that we will see new features in the design of the interface; and is intended to break a little sobriety to make a much more cheerful style and live where there is much more colorful and casual design you had previous updates. Thus, we have our transitions between the various icons that we have on our screen and even we can see these at different depths, something very surprising.

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We also intend to introduce changes to handle the interface is much simpler, so that the way we relate to it and the applications and icons benefit us greatly. And not just in design developments occur as notifications are also updated by now that we can interact with them even on the lock screen. Finally, improvements in safety are applied to wireless networks, so that the most secure wireless networks will be detected and will make it much more convenient to connect to users.