Cloudmagic Works Across Multiple Gmail Accounts

Cloudmagic Works Across Multiple Gmail Accounts

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Google is popularly known for its speed and pace. When one is trying to get information on Google they want to get it at the fastest pace possible. If possible instant access would be best preferred by most. Google instant search has been introduced and cuts across a wide section of the market with its ability to serve the mobile users as well. It gives instant access to both Gmail and the documents available on Google.

When one is writing an email on Gmail they are on the draft page and any other activity they would try to perform would require the draft to be abandoned or discarded. This is one weakness in the system that has affected many users who would welcome a new technology that would curtail this shortcoming. The Gmail search has provided a great option for Gmail users as they no longer have to open up a new pane when in need of vital information. Google is yet to come up with this functunionability. The good news is that CloudMagic has already got this in place.

For the Gmail users they can easily locate Cloud magic on the search bar. CloudMagic is actually a concept that was hatched from its predecessors such as Google chrome and FireFox. Simply type in the word CloudMagic on the search bar and you will get the data right from the old messages. One can simply click directly on the message and get the data they need.

One major advantage of Cloud Magic is its ability to function within different accounts. For those with more than one Gmail account they do not have to keep logging out and logging in across the different accounts.

CloudMagic: Data Security

Cloud Magic offers the user excellent data security. Chrome may scare away many users of cloud Magic with their warning that states that Cloud Magic is able to access all your information but this is a warning presented by numerous chrome applications.

Setting CloudMagic will require one to reveal their Gmail details and this will allow CloudMagic to access your Gmail messages and come up with a database. The plain truth is that CloudMagic has access to you information which is stored well similar to the passwords that are recognized by chrome.

The use of Cloudmagic in the future may be threatened by Google but this fact is arguable as Google may not have the ability to supports its searches across more than one account. CloudMagic has got a vision of adding on to its services with a particular interest on sites such as Google, Yahoo and Hotmail.

Note that you do not have to worry about other people having access to your messages as once you log out your Gmail account you also log out your CloudMagic account.

CloudMagic stores the information locally but it does not have a specific location as this will vary with the system of operation being used.

A curious person can easily take a peek at your information if they access it from the hard drive. The best advice is not to allow other people to use your computer. Visit for more tips.