Choosing Your Perfect Gaming System

Choosing Your Perfect Gaming System

Gaming fever is certainly in the air as new releases have spurred excitement from dedicated fans and casual players alike, but with so many different platforms to choose from how you can make sure you’re choosing the perfect gaming system for you? We’ll take a look at the big options available, and how they may be better suited for your playstyle than others are.

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A gaming PC – The most expensive of the choices that will be listed here, but also the most versatile. If you’re looking for AAA gaming then you’re certainly going to need to splash out on some top of the range hardware to ensure some longevity and to receive the best experience, but older hardware can still perform extremely well if you’re working to a budget. The big benefit for choosing a gaming PC comes through two interests – the growth of esports, and the successes of online livestreaming. If either of these are something you’d like to pursue, you’ll find it much easier to do so through PC than any other platform, and as growth is happening extremely quickly in both spaces whilst you may not be an early adopter, you’ll certainly be part of the now rapidly growing crowd.

Mobile gaming – Although pricing can be a little uncertain, this would technically be the second most expensive option given the rising price of flagship devices. Fortunately, older devices will run games as well as newer devices for the most part, and the successes being found in mobile esports and similar opportunities are certainly a big benefit here. Some genres have been impacted on mobile in recent years as changes to regulation for some of the most played options in betting and gambling for example have been changed, as well as blocks to credit card opportunities as only some services such as Max Casinos still allow it, but this may not be a make it or break it for the casual player. Lack of ongoing cost will always be a huge boon here, and with the future looking to be in mobile, there won’t be any shortage of updates and new releases either.

Console gaming – The trusty dedicated console has always had a solid position in the list, and the initial cost always remains much lower than the other two here – especially now with the new release from Sony having a digital only version coming at $100 cheaper than the traditional version of the PS5. Costs do mount up with the pricing of games being so high and only increasing, but this is also offset by the lifespan of a console being around six or seven years. Although the fastest growing gaming market in esports is now under-represented on console, and likely will struggle to see much growth, these remain the perfect option for playing the biggest new releases, and with a host of great exclusives for each too there’s plenty of newer titles to be explored that won’t be available on any other device, at least not for a time.