The best iPhone accessories for iPhone X

The best iPhone accessories for iPhone X

Not too, and we tell you all about the iPhone X. So far, the best mobile phone in the market. About to celebrate one year since its launch, we collect the best iPhone accessories for iPhone X.

And, having the best phone on the market is very cool. Having the best phone on the market, with the best possible accessories, is cool. If you are one of the lucky ones spending an iPhone X, these are the best gadgets available.

The best iPhone accessories for iPhone X

The best iPhone accessories for iPhone Xor how to improve an almost unbeatable phone. Although it can always be complemented with something. And, although it may not seem like it, there are always devices, capable of further improving our Apple experience. These are the best iPhone accessories for iPhone X.

Airpodsbest iPhone accessories

They have become the perfect marriage: iPhone X and AirPods leave the Apple Store together in the case of millions of customers. Its technology has revolutionized the wireless headphones market. Its use is the simplest: you put them on, they activate the sound; you take them off, stop.

All thanks to the revolutionary Apple W1 chip that controls optical sensors and microphones so everything is perfect. They have five hours of audio autonomy and up to 24 hours of use, thanks to the cargo box. Now, if you want to know everything in detail about AirPods, check out  Airpods: features, price, and compatibility

The AirPods are priced at 179 euros and are available on the Apple website.


Without leaving Apple, and if you are more than big headphones, this option is spectacular. The Beats Studio3 – The Beats Decade Collection is wonderful. The headphones launched by Dr. Dre turn 10 years old and celebrate with a special wireless edition.

With spectacular sound and almost total isolation, the Beats Studio3 remains a benchmark. In this case, they also have the W1 chip and up to 22 hours of autonomy. In addition, with only 1o minutes of charging, they offer up to three hours of operation. Of course, its price is well above the AirPods.

The Beats Studio3 – The Beats Decade Collection is priced at 349 euros and are available on the Apple website

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APPLE WATCH SERIES 3best iPhone accessories

And since there are not two without three, we bring you the Apple Watch Series 3. Completely renovated, this Apple smartwatch fits perfectly with what the iPhone X can offer. Perfect synchronization and the possibility of dating the Apple Watch Series 3, but without the iPhone X. Its dual-core processor is surprisingly fast.

In addition, this Apple Watch Series 3 includes GPS and Glonass and has the W2 chip. It has 8GB capacity, accelerometer, and gyroscope. It also has the new Apple Health app. An application that, linked to your Apple Watch Series 3, can notify the Emergency Department, in case you notice a worrying heart rate. Oh, and its autonomy is 18 hours.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is priced at 369 or 399 euros and are available on the Apple website.


POWER PAD WIRELESS MATbest iPhone accessories

Essential. Above all, if you cannot separate more than one meter from your iPhone X, but you want to always have it charged. This mouse pad, recharge your iPhone X wirelessly. They are not the iPhone X, every device at 5 v. And he does it without bothering you while you work.

Just place the iPhone X on the mat and let it charge. It is best that Apple has certified the compatibility of this device, making it one of the best iPhone accessories for iPhone X. And best of all is its price.

The Power Pad wireless mat is priced at 25 euros and is available on the MiniBatt website.

SILICONE CASEbest iPhone accessories

It seems logical that if you spend more than 1,000 euros on a smartphone, do your best to protect it. Mind you, nobody opposes you doing it in style. And in this case, nothing has more style than covers Silicone Case for Apple.

Designed exclusively by Apple itself for its iPhone, they adapt perfectly to your designs. Recognizable by its posterior apple and with a tremendous variety of colors.

The Silicon Case for iPhone X is priced at 45 euros and is available on the Apple website.


When a silicone case dares to be called Selfie, it is for something. In this case, Cellular Line proposes a cover with the back of non-slip resin. To such an extent that you can put the phone in a mirror or a glass and it will not fall. It is truly amazing.

Obviously, the name of Selfie comes by the utility to make selfies, placing the mobile on a suitable surface. In addition, his fantasy designs are the coolest. Funny, flashy and friendly. And all at a price more than affordable.

The Cellular Line Selfie case for iPhone X is priced at 20 euros and is available on the Cellular Line website.


The Bosé brand is synonymous with sound quality and the Apple user knows it. If they also manage to reduce their products to a minimum, while maintaining sound quality, marriage with the iPhone X is guaranteed. It weighs less than 300 grams and does not exceed 10 cm on either side. It also has a hitch for easy carrying.

This SoundLink Micro Bosé speaker is small, light and thunderous. Connected to the iPhone X via Bluetooth, it will amplify everything we want the sound of the phone. In addition, it is not only minimal, but its design is modern and fun. Made of rubber silicone and striking colors (blue, black or orange), it is resistant to shock and water (IPX7 certification).