Best Everyday Gadgets On The Market Right Now

Best Everyday Gadgets On The Market Right Now

Everyday gadgets now seem to be part of consumers everyday lives as many of us are over-reliant on these types of gadgets to ensure that they get about their everyday lives. There is a gadget for virtually everything now as they come in all different forms, shapes and sizes and below we look at what are the best everyday gadgets on the market right now.

First of all, the best smartphone on the market, especially if you are an Android fan has to be the Samsung Galaxy S20 which certainly blows any form of competition out of the water. The AMOLED display is immaculate, the camera system is unbeaten, and the operating system is effortless. Although it is expensive in comparison to competitors, the cost is certainly worth it.

[Image: Geek Montreal]

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The best laptop on the market has come from Dell and the latest edition in the XPS range which is the 15. This laptop ticks pretty much every box that needs to be ticked when buying a laptop due to its fast performance, eye-catching design and large display. The XPS 15 is quite easily the best Windows laptop on the market.

Another trend in which we are seeing grow at an exponential rate is that of the tablet world and the iPad Pro is levels ahead of all competitors for the crown of the tablets. The power that Apple have crammed into the iPad is seriously impressive, and in some cases more powerful that some laptops. The iPad is there to transform how you experience photos, gaming, productivity and augmented reality and this device is perfect for all of these.

In terms of smartwatches, which are becoming ever more popular as they develop, then the latest Apple Watch Series 6 is the watch to get. The always-on display which delivers a display which is as good as a iPhone and without affecting the battery life is one of the reasons why this watch is the best on the market. Furthermore, the fitness trackers that the Series 6 is able to offer such as a blood oxygen tracker, heart rate monitor and even the ability to do a ECG on your heart to check the condition of it – a seriously impressive bit of kit.