Apple Takes Your Problem Between Apple Watch And Tattoos

Apple Takes Your Problem Between Apple Watch And Tattoos

The problem had several new SmartWatch users of Apple, specifically talked about who had tattoos on his wrist where his watch used. It is not sure the root of the problem, but the sensors of Apple Watch did not work well being on tattoos that were heavily loaded with black and red, the problem was such that many users still taking the watch on his wrist were not able to tell your clock were using and had to deliver information.

Apple Takes Your Problem Between Apple Watch And TattoosWell, we spent several days since they started dating these cases and we left to see the version of Apple on the issue, something had to say about all this and we were waiting for explanations and possible solutions. This time the answer to our questions no paragraph came from the mouth of a spokesman for the company as it happens, on the contrary, this time in charge of clarifying everything was a little paragraph that was added to the support page of Apple Watch, that did not exist until problems arose such cases.

This failure is related to cardiac sensors that integrates Apple Watch your back; -to put these sensors operate by way of sencilla- light absorption, so the presence of tattoos especially for dark-colored prevents or hinders the absorption of light and therefore the clock does not recognize the user’s skin.

The problem is important and the solution proposed by Apple does not help much to solve the dilemma for all concerned, because if as you spend a fortune on a SmartWatch brand I do not think you really want to connect a sensor external heart rate or disable Bluetooth wrist and miss detection notifications and connectivity to use apple pay.

Unfortunately the problem no solution for these cases than have lucky to have her other wrist without tattoos and resign yourself to use it there, or just ask for money back and feel totally ignored by Apple. Still cut cloth, see if Apple gives a real solution to users and avoid lawsuits from those affected.