Apple Introduces New Apple TV, to show who’s boss in the field of multimedia box

Apple TV BOX

Apple Introduces New Apple TV, to show who’s boss in the field of multimedia box

The rumors were many in the preview of the Keynote today, nothing unusual for these events, put all his chips into the device more sympathetic congenial to them or what they carry in your pocket or purse. The star of the day was the iPhone 6S and its Plus version, otherwise always remained as rumor or “possibility of filing” which in the end left us that may or may not be presented.

Apple TV BOXI am very honest in saying that not hallucinate with the iPhone, maybe if that possibility of having an iPad larger and yet the challenge that implies for the brand, but it was uncertain presentation, so I embrace hope to see what we hope for years: The new version of Apple TV, something that was almost official days before the event.

My relationship with the Apple TV is pretty close, I am consuming multimedia and my family too, so with the Apple TV for little money you can meet the needs of most members of a family that enjoys watching TV shows, movies, drawings cartoons and documentaries, a subscription to Netflix is ​​enough to justify the expense. The problem is that despite the affection that we have the Apple TV in my house and we seemed dull and unfriendly interface of this, and although my 3 and a half years handles better than his mother for the little interface aesthetics, and while we conclude that Apple had to put hand or device or interface, but the change was necessary. To our luck, Apple today introduced us updating its famous multimedia box, and we had heard rumors on the web, most-if not all- they became a reality.

As the rumors suggested today saw the fourth generation of Apple TV, with a much more powerful hardware than its predecessor and a number of developments that will surely convince anyone who is hesitant to buy it. Among the main features of the new Apple TV we can be found:

– Design:

In these years we always expect a new version of Apple TV, and while Apple decided to take the plunge, there were prototypes of the community rather than trying to guide Apple in its design. Well, Apple ignored all those aesthetically perfect and even in silver and gold, to present in simple words what would be a two-story Apple TV, that because the new version keeps the design of its predecessor designs, but but It has 50% more high than anger generation. Now it is closer to being a cube before.

– Remote renewed and more comprehensive:

Initially control Apple TV we have today was enough to move around the interface of the device, but is rather limited and basic user, perhaps because of what was until now the Apple TV, a device that fulfilled its good way to work a while, but I needed to evolve greatly to what today we all want. Apple now gives us a remote control with a touch panel that completely changes the user experience, no longer “click, click, click” to move through the menu with this new touch panel sounds disappear. They include volume buttons, something that was necessary, and a few more buttons that open a lot of possibilities in everyday use. We’ll talk about one of these new buttons.

– Hello Siri:

Apple Wizard lands on the new Apple TV, with the push of a button on the remote control can count on the help of Siri in everything that has to do with the programming of the various channels, movies and real-time information on weather and other things. So while you’re watching your favorite show you can see the weather in your town at the bottom of the screen, as well as tell the Apple TV to play baseball game X want to repeat.

– New operating system:

TV OS and original for names. This is the new Apple TV interface originating from iOS, and of first seems great, but we’ll have to see if everything is in practice as seen in pictures. For now we see a lot fresher than the current interface much closer to the design used in Apple iTunes Music, minimalist and simple version, no darkness, what goes by these days. Navigation apparently improved the hand of this new remote control, but do not mean much without seeing it in person, just say it looks pretty interesting, I owe my final assessment.

– From remote control to control video games:

One surprise was the new leadership, designed not only to act as a remote control for TV, but as command to play. It is intended for “casual” games adapted to all public and those found in the App Store and, although Apple has also added support for Bluetooth controls as traditional DualShock Play Station.

– The release of his own store of applications and SDK for developers is what is striking, since they can start all applications created to be integrated into Apple TV, a huge step in this platform.

In its technical specifications we can highlight a A8 processor, which although we know a while back, this time could have a better performance since it has enough to dispel the temperature that can generate space, and now with this Apple can get their hands and demand a little more to this component from the software. The new SoC dramatically increase the processing capacity of Apple TV video, but not enough to offer 4K streaming. Something that we must assume, eventually coming in future releases, the iPhone has already 6s 4K camera.

Screenshot 09.09.2015 at 15.23.35The rear connections are maintained with the USB to connect to iTunes, the Ethernet connector, optical digital audio output and supply. As a novelty, the connection will be 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1.

Now what everyone expected: Prices and availability.

As many thought at the beginning of the show, the fact that this new Apple TV has a chance to be a mini game console and install applications would require a storage medium, and based on that Apple offers two Apple TV versions that differ in storage, 32GB will be worth USD $149 and 64GB that will be worth $199. Both would be available by the end of October.