Acemile Teathre Box, 3D surround sound from a single cash colored


Acemile Teathre Box, 3D surround sound from a single cash colored

The Theatre Box is a single box with its speaker is able to create the illusion of surround sound. And to think that it is a portable, self-powered and the price is not impossible!

The sound in 3D is one of those modern spells that are not easily describable in words, and the idea of ​​being able to generate this kind of surround sound with a single case is even more extraordinary. Yet the Theatre Box Acemile is able to do it for us, without a careful setup of the cases and especially without the makeup functions in one place.

gadgetThe Theatre Box is able to fill a giant sound stranza of 186 square meters with a 3D surround 360°, and will feel equally well from any position within that room. The box connects with Bluetooth 4.0 with any kind of device, although of course there are plenty of regular jack. The speaker weighs 1.5kg, has 2 “driver and another driver from 3” to the bass. The interface is touch (capacitive), with a maximum output of 125 watts. This is a cash-powered car with a battery of 20 hours of playback.

Its ability to spread lies in omnidirectional 3D sound technology called Q3D Holophony. Exploits a microphone, which analyzes the decibel level to spread the environmental sound in “layers”, real bubbles in which the sound is synthesized at 360°. The effect is to receive audio signals from different directions at the same time, an illusion that seems to work quite well, and deceiving our ears with ease.

Acemile is a small California-based company, and its Theatre Box costs $ 299. Clearly, import it from the United States could cost a lot, but for a system so interesting is still an expense rather limited. We would love to see a fixed version, that would probably be perfect for a small apartment with his TV.