A toothbrush works with an application! With Goodwell possible


A toothbrush works with an application! With Goodwell possible

This week I talked on Engadget on why everyone wants to sell subscription models rather than individual purchase of goods. Goodwell meets many of the arguments that we had you.

GadgetWe are starting with advanced tooth brush, that is, able to quantify how our brushed by accelerometers. But its creators, seeking funding for this brush a reality, have chosen to give several arguments over so it will be the less interesting and tempting. One of them, a subscription model for the parts you need.

Open source and annual subscription

Goodwell include a metal handle to be able to integrate basic shape but different brush cleaners more specific accessories such as the intended language. This kit, which is not the basic, cost $ 150 for the quantifier model (which arrives in February 2015) and the normal $ 69 ($ 20 more with accessories and with arrival scheduled for the end of the year). Eye because there is an electric but manual toothbrush.

And the subscription model? Well, to convince, its creators say that throughout our lives we use on average about 300 toothbrushes (4 per year), so the current price of the parts, consider paying $ 80 a year is something consumer logic. Surely most prefer the option to renew full team, at least after a couple of years.

More attractive is the material they are made ​​of: metal handle, which means maintaining a long life, and bamboo with other biodegradable materials for accessories, so opting for this solution could reduce our footprint on the role of carbon.

Finally, the developers have given the aura of open source project because the information it collects brushing quantizer model can be used by anyone, but will come with its own application.