September 2014

In the technology space, white is a color very popular, because it paints the notes of modernity with the right nuance, full of candid sophistication.

BeoLab 20 is also available in all-white, like many high-tech tools of the contemporary era. The fashion of white, revived the great from the first edition of the Apple iPhone, it is used more and more extensive technological universe, better than other colors because it expresses the essence, especially in those products where you want to enhance the aesthetic purity that preserves their sophistication.

Here's Samsung Gear VR viewer for virtual reality, is shown in video

Although there piacerebe have a lot of other videos, Samsung Gear VR does not need much introduction thanks IFA in Berlin in 2014 , in fact, we know now that this is a new viewer for virtual reality that was presented in occasion of the announcement of Samsung Galaxy Note 4; The company, moreover, has set up an official website in which he presented in detail, without forgetting features and technical specifications.

Since the Internet was introduced to the society about two decades ago, everything has changed. The social life, business and even the politics. Now everyone has to respect that the Internet environment has became an integral part of the daily life. It is everywhere. We are using it during shopping to buy something or just to compare the prices and products. Now, very popular among people who live in the big cities are applications that allow to call a cab. The industry of mobile applications is now the fastest developing area of the related to the Internet businesses. Another important aspect of the usage of the net is providing data. Thanks to communicators like Twitter and websites of the informational channels like BBC or CNN people are able to get information for around the world inĀ real time. Access to any type of information is now extremely easy. However the biggest benefit coming from the Internet network today seems to be a communication. Skype, Facebook or WatsApp gave people an opportunity to communicate with others without paying single dollar. Video chats and sending photos and messages makes those communication channels the most reliable source of information. People are exchanging data without any barriers and thanks to that whole world can see what really happening in the particular regions of the world.