August 2014

Omate officially announces the arrival of its new gadget Omate X. The smartwatch with 1.5-inch display has an attractive design, metal frame and is based on Google's operating system to communicate with Android and iOS devices.

With the passing of the month of smartwatch number in circulation, or soon to be available in the market, you're exaggerating at a rapid pace. Manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and Sony, just to name a few, all have a card to play in the field of wearables and soon we will come to light new candidates as the smartwatch by Asus, one of the popular Chinese society OnePlus and the long-awaited Motorola Moto 360, blurted out publicly by Best Buy.

Fuhu decided to put on the market Nabi Big Tab, a tablet giant 24 "designed for children. You can play and socialize in a group, and is very intelligent idea.

Probably the Fuhu Nabi Big Tab is exactly the tablet for children that the market did not know he will. For one thing, it is a device almost surreal: 24 inch tablet does not seem a good idea, this is the screen of a PC All-In-One, not an Android device - yet here the Google operating system does not feel at all uncomfortable.

Barnes & Noble has officially launched the new Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. The tablet, developed in collaboration with Samsung, is for the time being exclusive of the United States and has a starting price of $ 179.

Barnes & Noble is one of the largest book retailers in the territory of the United States and its lineup of products also includes other digital media players developed with the brand Nook. In recent times, the American company had announced its intention to devote more emphasis to the creation of a range of products from consumer electronics to revive the fortunes not just positive ones already on sale.

The same vertical growth of a city like Lima forced to change. Even if the user wants to purchase a great team and powerful sound, it is likely that its size does not take place in the small rooms of the new departments.

So the alternative of having wireless speakers and enough power is more than adequate. I tried the speaker Sony SRS-BTX300. Is the verdict? A useful and efficient in their work unit.